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Date: 2006-11-18 19:30
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We will use this article to keep track of any Armed Assault mod project that interests us. Here you can find information we know about those projects, including screenshots and any other interesting information we think should be added here.

Please do understand we do NOT add all information about the project to this article so you will have to visit the project website if you want to know more. We do this cause those people didnt make a website for their projects for nothing, and we dont want to go around with their work.
All we do is offer a guide where anyone can find interesting mod projects and quicly navigate to the corresponding project site.

It is impossible for us to track all projects but we will do our best to follow many of them.
If you think a certain project should be added to this article feel free to contact us.

We will try to update this forum topic when we have updated this article. Discussions about projects should be done in in the forums itself.


All Credits for the included information go to the project websites. is not working for those projects, we do NOT take any credit for the work done.

This guide is made for, it is NOT allowed to copy the contents from this article and put it on another website as if it was your own work. If you quote text out of this article you should credit the original owner (the project website).
Feel free to link to this article as much as you want.

If you find some information in this article which is not correctly put by us please feel free to contact us and we will make sure to fix it.

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2. SAS mod
3. Bushwars
3a. Bushwars interview I
4. Germany 1985
5. Mec mods
6. Bundeswehr mod
6a. Bundeswehr interview I
7. Vegetation pack 1
8. Retro flashpoint mod
9. Warporn TCW objects
10. Finnish defence forces mod
11. Hellenic warfare mod interview

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