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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.2

Short description: Battlefield Re-spawn System (BRS) is a highly customisable, flexible and powerful spawn system.

Date: 2014-02-22 09:31

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Battlefield Re-spawn System (BRS)


Battlefield Re-spawn System (BRS) is a highly customisable, flexible and powerful spawn system. BRS works brilliantly in Player VS player and Player VS computer battles thanks to SIDE specific parameters.
Finally, BRS is packed with features (and this is just v0.1!).

- Players can spawn on their group
- Add your own spawn points (Vehicles, Objects, Units)
- Increase the difficulty by preventing players to spawn when enemies are nearby
- Specify spawn points for EAST, WEST, INDEPENDENT & CIVILIAN sides
- Don't feel like dying? Use the ADDACTION function to access BRS
- Simple to install and easy to use
- No Addons required

Installation / Usage:
Add an object named 'hideplayer' in the editor.
Run BRS from init. Sqf

Open "BRS\launch_spawn.sqf" to get started

GameLogics do not currently work as re-spawn points

Support my work:
I greatly appreciate any support, no matter how small.
It really helps knowing that people enjoy my hard work and motivates me to continue to increase my knowledge of ArmA scripting. Thank you for your support!

Credits & Thanks:
- Iceman77s great dialog tutorial for Noobs

- Addactions & scripts handled by BRS_launch
- Improved reliability of updating spawn points
- Units accessing BRS will no longer show as spawn points
- Replaced map button with toggle switch
- Replaced NV button with toggle switch
- Improved cycle buttons
- Added tooltips to buttons
- Replaced following: _name with just name
- increased efficiency by removing duplicate scripts
- Text is structured in ss_text_fnc
- Fixed several bugs
- Player setcaptive during BRS
- Addaction & Script now use seperate parameters

- Created initial script
- Tested in dedicated environment

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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