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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.5

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Date: 2007-12-10 19:22

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31stMEU Replacement Reticles

This addon contains reticle replacements for the M24, Mk12, and M107 rifles, based on NWD's ScopeFix mod. All texture and calibration work is NWD's, and we take no credit for it. We replaced the reticles on those rifles with reticles from commercially available rifle scopes.

1 - Drag/Copy/Extract the folder @31st_MEU_Reticles to your ArmA Directory

2 - Open up the @31st_MEU_Reticles folder in Explorer. Inside, there are two folders, "addons" and "reticles." Open up "reticles," and once you have determined which reticle you want, simply copy/cut that .pbo and paste it inside the "addons" folder. USE ONLY 1 PBO AT A TIME!!!!!

3 - Create a shortcut for ArmA.exe and add the following command line: "-mod=@31st_MEU_Reticles." You can also download Kegety's ArmA Launcher v1.1 and just add the folder "@31st_MEU_Reticles" then check the box for the mod on the right side of the launcher.

4 - Play the game and enjoy new reticles!

Included files:
31st MEU Scout-Sniper Recommended #1.pbo
31st MEU Scout-Sniper Recommended #2.pbo
Circle X.pbo
NWD ScopeFix.pbo
German #1.pbo
Turkey Pro.pbo

First public release, few fixes from private betas. Reticles for Mk12, M107, and M24 rifles.

NonWonderDog - Thanks for helping me tackle your mod, and thanks for releasing such a stellar mod from which to build upon.
Haines (31st MEU), Felts (31st MEU), Gates (31st MEU), Berry (31st MEU) - Thanks for beta testing and taking screen shots. Thanks to Haines for making the readme so nice, too.
Yakavetta (31st MEU) - Thanks for taking the time to design each reticle, and compiling each PBO

You can release these in any mission pack, addon pack, or whatever you want, I only ask that you both give the 31stMEU credit and put the website along with the credit.

NonWonderDog's textures and models are all his own, and you should contact NonWonderDog through the official Bis forums prior to releasing anything of his.

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