Author: FungusFunk
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Customize your gear then copy it to clipboard to paste in the editor

Date: 2014-02-21 11:45

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Copy All Unit Gear to Clipboard


This script will allow you to copy to clipboard the current gear of any unit, allowing you to paste it in the init box of another unit in the editor, or use it in another script to equip a unit.

It is mainly for customizing your gear using ammo crates or VAS and then being able to use the custom loadout easily in a mission on any unit. All gear and attachments will be in the correct slots!

Copy the script file to your mission directory.

Execute on any unit via init/trigger/other script, replacing [this] with [unitName] or [player] if needed:
nul = [this] execVM "copyUnitGearToClipboard.sqf";
	nul = [player] execVM "copyUnitGearToClipboard.sqf";
	nul = [unit1] execVM "copyUnitGearToClipboard.sqf";
When it executes a hint will be displayed showing the output and it is also copied to clipboard for you to paste somewhere else.

Credits & Thanks:
Thank you to NeoArmageddon for the permission to share this, basically most of the working code is his. All I did was modify it to copy to clipboard instead of copying to another unit. I also had to script alternative methods for some things because it doesn't work the same as directly copying the gear to another unit in game as the original script does.

Modified from the original Script found at - BI FORUMS
Author: NeoArmageddon

Forums Topic:
- BI forums

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