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Date: 2007-12-12 08:52

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ArmA Mission Browser

The ArmA Mission Browser is a template "mission" that allows users to view detailed information about all the missions hosted on a server. The template can be easily customized to match your desired format and the missions on your server but the information must be manually extracted from the missions and inserted into the list. A list of over a 120 mission is included with the template to help populate a server-specific list.

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How to use the Mission Browser:
Once in-game in the "mission", you will spawn inside of the "Command Tent". Inside the tent you will find a table with a computer, radio, and map. "Command Tent". Inside the tent you will find a table with a computer, radio, and map.


Approach the computer and use your action menu to access the "Mission Browser". You do not have to be right in front of the computer to access the browser (the tent can get crowded fast to make sure to leave room for others).


Once inside the browser dialog, you can scroll through the missions using the arrow icons at the bottom of the dialog. In the format provided in the template (which is completely customizable for your needs) each mission listing contains the following Information:mission listing contains the following Information:
    -The name of the mission as displayed on the server.
    -The game type
    -Maximum number of players
    -Respawn options (if any)
    -Respawn delay (in seconds)
    -Spectating options such as Kegetys Spectating Script, Seagull, etc.
    -Descriptive overview of the mission derived from the mission briefing. Does not include spoilers.
How the Template Works:
The template consists of the following:
    -A template "mission" based in Sahrani for optimal loading speed.
    -A custom dialog based on Dr_Eyeball's Dialog Framework v 1.1 used to view a custom .html file.
    -A MissionList.html file that is used to populate a HTML control in the dialog.
    -Various other scripts to make the "mission" more interactive.
To view the Mission Browser, an addAction command was attached to the computer in the "command tent" as described in "How to use the Mission Browser". The addAction executes a script that displays the dialog using the data from the list in the MissionList.html file.

The format of the list can be customized to your specifications so you can include more or less information in any presentation format. Full instructions are presented in the download package. The command tent and other objects are included to make the Mission Browser feel more interactive but are completely optional. You can implement any method you desire to activate the browser dialog.

Specific Testing Objectives:
This resources has already been heavily tested and in use in beta release on my gaming community's ArmA server so I am fairly happy with its operation but would like additional feedback on usefulness and ease of use. I also need feedback on how easy (or difficult) it is to customize this for use on other servers.

The dialog used to display the list in-game utilizes Dr_Eyeball's Dialog Framework v 1.1. Many thanks to Dr_Eyeball for developing this tremendous resource without which would have made developing the ArmA Mission Browser much more difficult. Many thanks also to the members of the ArmA community who helped with the closed beta test of thisproject.

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ArmA Mission Browser

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