Author: Fred Gandt
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Requirements: No addons required


Short description: A simple script that makes learning to pilot vehicles easier. Particularly useful when learning to fly and land helicopters.

Date: 2014-03-16 08:03

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Vehicle Training Wheels

Fred Gandt

An improved script to add to your player character's initialisation in the editor mode, to make learning to pilot vehicles (particularly helicopters (particularly landing)) a little easier.
It won't make the job of piloting any easier, but it will make your player character invincible (crash and explode without dying!), and your vehicle will bounce back to full health immediately after sustaining all but the heaviest of damage (instant full damage cannot be repaired).
So, you can practice landing helicopters without the worry of damage or death hampering your progress.
If you should nose dive into a tree and explode, you'll walk away. If you do completely destroy your vehicle, you are then able to select an option in the action menu to simply spawn a fresh vehicle, and off you go (again). No more restarting the editor!
Damage that doesn't completely destroy the vehicle will be reported to you as an on-screen hint, allowing you to evaluate what you did wrong and how badly.

  • Easy copy/paste into player initialization field in Arma 3 editor mode.
  • Click to spawn vehicles from a list in the action menu.
  • Vehicles automatically repair immediately after being damaged.
  • Vehicle damage is reported to the player via onscreen hints.
  • Player cannot be injured during crashes.
  • Vehicles won't run out of fuel.
  • Flying vehicles with retractable landing gear will hint when gear goes up or down.
  • Vehicles can be used for target practice, providing feedback about whether and/or how badly your efforts damaged it.

  • Installation:
    Designed for private use in the Arma 3 Editor.
    Simply create a player character and paste the script code into the player character's initialization field.
    Save the "mission" for frequent use, and the init code will not require pasting again.

    Included files:
    Nailed it.png

  • Create list of vehicles to practice piloting.
  • Copy the script to clipboard.
  • Create a new mission in the Arma 3 editor.
  • Create a player.
  • Paste the script into the player's initialization field.
  • Optionally save and then, preview the mission.
  • Select a vehicle to spawn from the list in the action menu.
  • The selected vehicle will spawn approximately at the centre of your screen.
  • Use the scripted vehicle as normal, but with the added features of the script.
  • To delete a vehicle, look at it when near it and select "Delete [vehicle name]" in the action menu.

  • Media:

    Changelog :
  • Fixed really bad damage reporting.
  • Added ability to spawn vehicles from a list the user can create.
  • Added automatic refuelling to extend practise sessions.
  • Added hint informing player when landing gear (in planes and choppers) goes up or down.
  • Added action menu option to delete redundant vehicles.

  • Notes:
    Everything is pretty well covered by the ReadMe.

    Credits & Thanks:
    My warmest thanks to Foxhound of Armaholic for taking the time to talk with me about my silly little script and encouraging my effort to contribute :-)
    And great thanks to everyone who has so far contributed to the BIStudio Wiki, without which learning this language would be even more of a challenge.

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