WIP Report - Central Germany Map
Work in progress

FatSquirrel informed the community on Armaholic forums about the progress he has been making on his Central Germany Map and posted some new wip screenshots.

    Quote FatSquirrel :
    This is my first official custom Arma 2 map, it features:
    • 10km x 10km map
    • based on real world satellite image
    • 20+ Village Locations
    • 1 huge military training area
    • all buildings are enterable (MBG Buildings)
    This is what I have changed:
    • Completly reworked satellite image
    • Changed ground clutter
    • Added more roads
    • New training buildings on military area
    • Started on main City
    • Reworked config
    • New tree-mix for all forests

    I´m also starting to test the map with my clan and see what they think of the map ingame so far.

You can find more information, view all new screenshots and leave your feedback in the Central Germany wip topic.

Written on 2014-03-05 18:56 by FatSquirrel  

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