WIP Report - Unsung 2.6 #2
Work in progress

sgt_savage submitted a new wip update of the upcoming Unsung version 2.6.

    Quote sgt_savage :
    Well, you seen bits 'n pieces of what we have been working on. And while it may seem a little quiet on our end with WIP updates trust me when I say the machine is running full steam.
    I'm not gonna go into much detail but here are some pics of some of new equipment that will comming be in 2.6:
    • New Huey variants
    • Pookies Mig-19 Farmer will come with 4 different camo schemes which are randomised each time you fly
    • New bushes camo Feature by pookie for the T55 and T34
    • New S60 AAA gun, model by pookie
    • New m113 variants with animated rear ramp and top hatch
    • ACAV
    • ZIPPO
    • M163 VADS

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Unsung Vietnam War Mod wip topic.

Written on 2014-03-08 20:44 by sgt_savage  

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