Week Report #7
Work in progress

* La Samula
    Alex.Sworn is working on a new island which he did NOT make with vistor 3.
    The release might be a nice Christmas present.

    Some of the addons are still WIP.
    The new island will have baracks, Industry complexes, bunkers, missile silo's and more.

    4-la_samula_1.png 4-la_samula_2.png 4-la_samula_3.png 4-la_samula_4.png 4-la_samula_5.png 4-la_samula_6.png 4-la_samula_7.png 4-la_samula_8.png

    - Arma guide website
    - Armaholic forums

* F18 Hornet
    Franze and EricJ who are working on the F18 Hornet have posted some new screenshots of the developing process of this project.
    4-f18_14.jpg 4-f18_15.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BIS forums

* SBP croatian soldiers
    - IceBreakr has started a new project and showed us some pictures about it. This time he is working on Croatian Army units.
    4-sbp_croatian1.jpg 4-sbp_croatian2.jpg

    - Armaholic Forums
    - BIS Forums

* Hellenic Army Aviation UH-1H
    The team from the Hellenic Army mod keeps amazing us with all the detailed and great work they do in everyone of their projects. This time they showed us the "Damage detection system" on the cockpit of their Huey.
    3-hwm_huey_06.jpg 3-hwm_huey_07.jpg 3-hwm_huey_08.jpg

    3-hwm_huey_09.jpg 3-hwm_huey_10.jpg

    - Hellenic Warfare Mod Website
    - Armaholic forums

* S.w.a.t. units
    gT.SWAT-guy keeps working on his units and has released some screenshots of his work on the Black BDUs with "Police" patches on back and weapons
    4-arma_swat_11.jpg 4-arma_swat_12.jpg 4-arma_swat_14.jpg

    - Armaholic Forums
    - BIS Forums

* RKSL Studios
    RockofSL has given new info about this great mod in the BIS forums. He showed The Puma HC.1 (and in future HC.2) airplane.
    3-rksl_22.jpg 3-rksl_23.jpg
    They will have:
      - Fully working and practical cockpit
      - Chaff & Flare countermeasures
      - Under-slung Loads (see Cargo System)
      - Dynamic Rotor system (see Dynamic Rotor System)
    - RKSL Studios
    - Armaholic forums

* FFAA Mod: Spanish Armed Forces
    The FFAA mod team has released on his site some new screenshots from their choppers. This time they show the Tiger and the bell 212 from the Spanish Army Forces.
    4-ffaa-nh2.jpg 4-ffaa-nh3.jpg 4-ffaa-nh4.jpg

    - FFAA web site
    - Armaholic forums


Remember that you can check the progress of these and other addons/mods in our WIP Forums.
If you want to be sure your own project is covered in our WIP report post about it in our WIP fourms, it will then always be added!

Written on 2007-12-16 19:27 by Armaholic  

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