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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2014-03-10 05:15

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The Second Altis Civil War (Part 2)


Welcome To The Beginning Of A Rather Large Series.

This Is A Brief Overview Of What Events Are Leading Up To The Second Civil War.
    2030 – Jerusalem Cease Fire
    Mid-2035 – NATO Force’s Begin to Leave Stratis and Altis.
    Late-2035 – CSAT/AAF Forces Take On NATO/FIA Forces On Both Stratis And Altis.
    Early-2036 – All NATO Forces Withdraw from Altis and Stratis, leaving the AAF Crippled and CSAT Military abolished on the area.
    22/09/2036 – FIA Forces Consolidate and Plan.
    09/03/2038 – AAF Committee Meets, But Is Ambushed By FIA Troops. No Survivors.
    29/10/2038 – AAF Command Tracks Down The Ambushers And Execute Them Privately.
    01/12/2038 – AAF Command Initiates Operations To Quell The Increasing FIA Attacks On Patrols And Compounds.
    30/07/2039 – FIA Forces Make Contact With Rogue AAF Armour Division.
    23/12/2039 – FIA Forces Attack AAF Military Complex, Leveling 80% Of The Buildings Confined Within The Complex.
    20/01/2040 – AAF Declare War On Terrorism.

The Year is 2040. NATO Forces Have Successfully Withdrawn From The Area After The Events Of 2035. The FIA, with the belief in fairness and having their own rights to do what they wish, are getting ready to mobilize and fight for their government back and the AAF Corruption to come to an end.

However, with the increase of AAF Popularity, the size of the AAF Military has expanded and now they are much more than a Battalion size military.

You’ll Be Playing As AAF Private First Class Yousef, a dedicated trooper of Altis.

- Optional Task/Objectives
- Multiple Radio Modules Used To Give A More 'Real' Feeling
- Civilian | Altis Armed Forces | Vehicles That All Have Certain Tasks.
- Timed Triggers, Used To Trigger New Objectives.
- Access To CAS. (A-134 Buzzard)

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Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive - For Creating ARMA 3 And The ARMA Series In General

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