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Date: 2006-10-17 18:41
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Armed Assault Equipment Notes

Forrestal has taken pictures of all the 151 units which are available in Armed Assault.
Forrestal gave permission to use his pictures and make them available in a new article.
The article was available here in our article section already but the pictures used for it were from an early build.

Thanks go to Forrestal for allowing us to use his pictures to create an updated and now complete article about the equipment available in Armed Assault. Please visit his Polish Armed Assault website.

  • This equipment guide was made 56K friendly, all pictures are in thumbs size, only by clicking on them the full picture in its original size will be shown.
  • The guide is devided into: West, East, Resistance and Civillian.
  • Each side is devided into pages for types of unit.

Offcourse you can download the whole picture pack aswell, click here to go to the download page. does not allow anyone to copy this article and make it public in other places as if it was their own.
Feel free to link to this article.
We do only take credit for the article itself, not the pictures used in this article.

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1. Armed Assault Equipment Notes
2. West Equipment
3. East Equipment
4. Resistance Equipment
5. Civilian Equipment

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