Author: Kumeda
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: Dev 1.02

Short description: Graphical user interface for easy implementation of applications

Date: 2014-03-16 11:29

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WarPad Gui Framework


This WarPad project tries to achieve the following three things:
  1. The next time you need a gadget you won’t have to spend much time on work of the outer shell and instead invest it in your awesome ideas
  2. Secondly, the “WarPad” shall allow running different scripts from different developers without much effort.
  3. And third, being able to run many different useful scripts without having a tons of added actions.
Also not listed.. of course the WarPad shall look cool :) So the main point/function of the WarPad is that you can give it easily a function.

The "WarPad" is still under development and therefore a WIP. Dependencies, function names, workflow might change. Still I suggest you to try it out and if you like it to even include it to your mods, scripts.

Not a complete list as project is in development!
  • Rendered GUI for fitting art style as 2D canvas
  • The Warpad goes dark or brighter with the day light.. and more
  • Animated buttons are all push able
  • Turn WarPad on and off
  • Return to last used app
  • Turn button lights on/off
  • Structure that makes adding applications easy, such as
    • Home screen App for displaying your apps including a home button
    • Dynamic IDC registering function
  • Status bar showing time of day
  • Scalability over all screen sizes independent of Arma’s menu size
  • can be moved around on screen while position is saved when reopened
  • Can be pinned to background
  • Very light, images taking only up to 1.2 mb so far
  • ... more coming

File is a simple zip of my mission’s folder. For integration you'll need to at the Warpad_FW folder to your mission and link the init and description files to the corresponding init and description files of your mission.

A "Terms of Use" is given with the download or read it at the WarPad's WIP thread

Credits & Thanks:
To everyone that has helped or is going to help improving the WarPad

Forums Topic:
For more information about the WarPad visit the following link. You’ll also find a FAQ that is still in work and help if needed. Of course I’ll be happy about any comments
- BI forums

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