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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: This script provides functionality to automatically change user-created markers depending on their text and log their creation on the server.

Date: 2014-10-09 17:15

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Log and Change User-Placed Markers


This script will check for certain character prefixes in the text of markers and run the specified code, if a match is found.
The functionality included in this release ranges from being able to easily change a markers appearance, to displaying them in 3D in the game world, as well as global "admin-markers", that can not be deleted by non-admin players.
In theory you could execute any kind of script, that might be useful in a mission, once you assign it to a pre-defined markertext prefix.

The script was initially used in an organized PvP environment, where it was necessary to quickly place markers, that contain a lot of information.
It might be less suited for public missions, where players have little chance to get familiar with the scripts functions beforehand.
(Especially since it all works off a markers text and not via an additional interface.)

  • Changing a markers appearance:
      The primary functionality of this script is to change a markers appearance.
      Certain 2 to 3 letter prefixes at the start of the markers text will influence its icon-type, size, color, text-modification, etc.
      (For example use the "ei" prefix to mark enemy infantry, which creates a red dot marker with an additional timestamp at the end)
  • 3D Markers:
      Certain prefixes will not only change a markers appearance, but also make them visible in the 3d game world, without the need to open the map.
      You can specify the duration a marker will be visible, the 3D icon type and which class it should be visible to. (Anyone could mark LZs, that are then visible for allied pilots in 3D for example)
      3D markers will become more transparent, when looking directly at them.
  • Admin only markers:
      Kind of inspired by a recent discussion in the Script Makers Skype-Group.
      Admin are able to place markers, that can only be removed by themselves or anyone who logs in as admin after them.
      This can come in handy, if you want to display Teamspeak-Information, mission waypoints, etc., that other non-admin players should be unable to remove.
      (Default prefix for this is a double colon, "::" (has no effect if a non-admin player uses it).
  • Serverside marker handling:
      Whenever a marker is created, the information is passed on to the server. (markername, who created the marker, position, text)
      You can then also run code there. For example logging the creation of a marker to the rpt among other things.

Installation / Usage:
When you first open the map, the game will prompt you to double click anywhere.
This will place an automatic marker to determine your inGame DirectPlay ID and initialize the clientside functionality.

Afterwards you can place markers as normal, optionally utilizing the predefined prefixes in your markers text.

Copy the module_markerIntercept folder into your mission and include the cfgFunctions.hpp in your description.ext with any new function tag (ideally use pvpfw).
description.ext example:
class CfgFunctions
	class pvpfw
		#include "module_markerIntercept\cfgFunctions.hpp"
Alternatively you can also just execVM the folders init.sqf, though the cfgFunctions method is recommended.

Script customization:
See "module_markerIntercept\client\change.sqf" for changes, that are applied to markers depending on their text and
"module_markerIntercept\server\init.sqf" for code, that is run serverside whenever a marker is created.

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Known issues:
A player has to completely reconnect, when he wants to change slots in the mission.
Changing a slot while staying connected will prevent the script from getting the correct marker. (If the user already placed previous ones)

See these 2 related feedback tickets:

This script-module was extensively tested and will work in the editor and on dedicated servers.

- Updated the script to work with the latest A3 version and added some new functionality.
- Added "Admin-Markers" to the script. (global markers, that can not be deleted by non-admin players)
- Also generally added more comments in several of the files and included an example mission.

- should work again with the 1.16 patch.
- included a new experimental feature, that will display certain markers in the normal 3D view.
- should also now be possible to place markers during the briefing screen, without breaking anything.

- removed a small obsolete script-portion

- first release

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- BI forums

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