Author: Easy_Redbeard
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0.1

Short description: A scripted modification of the MH9 Hummingbird.

Date: 2014-03-24 16:22

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Gazelle 35A


The Gazelle 35 ACP filled 1AGR's need for an Airborne Reconnaissance and Command Post platform in line with our role as an Airborne and Air Assault Arma 3 unit.

This is a very simple, script-based modification for the Vanilla MH9 Hummingbird. Both benches have been removed and scripted dispensers for yellow smoke shells, white flares, IR marker strobes and green chemlights. These are to be used for target marking, reference marking or to aid ground forces as necessary.

The Gazelle 35's speed and maneuverability should allow rapid entry and exit to the FEBA (Forward Edge of Battle Area - The Front) while providing a stable platform for the Command Post to coordinate friendly forces and supporting assets, e.g. UAVs.

The Gazelle 35A is an updated version, following lessons learned from the original 35, that we are very proud to share with the Arma 3 Community.

Installation / Usage:
Extract the sample mission into your Arma 3 profile folder and open in the editor to view implementation.

1. Deployable Yellow Smoke canister.
2. Deployable White Flare.
3. Deployable IR Strobe, with attached Laser Marker, allowing strikes by DAGRs.
4. Deployable Green Chemlight
5. Flareline Dispenser - 20 Flares, intended to be deployed while flying at 150kph or above, creating a line of bright light to silhouette targets or dazzle the enemy.
6. Smokescreen Dispenser - 20 Smoke Shells, intended to be deployed while flying at 150kph or above, creating a line of smoke to silhouette targets or conceal friendlies.
7. Hotkeys:
INSERT - Deploy Smoke x 1 Yellow
HOME - Deploy Flare x 1 White
PGUP - Deploy IR Strobe
PGDN - Deploy Chemlight
END - Deploy Flareline
DELETE - Deploy Smokescreen
8. Anti Missile Decoy Flares - 120 Flares, firing in 24rnd bursts.
9. Benches removed, total capacity reduced to 4.
10. Fast Ropes, courtesy of Zealot
11. Vehicle Respawn, courtesy of Iceman77

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will try to cover the Community made releases. Make sure to visit our channel and subscribe! on Youtube

While no addons are required, we really do suggest using Task Force Radio with the Gazelle 35A.
The script is included with an example mission and instructions, suggestions and credits.
The script is easily modifiable, e.g. different hotkeys, changes to deployables etc. Please, let us know what you come up with at

Credits & Thanks:
To Iceman77 and Zealot for their very Airborne-friendly scripts
C/Sgt Maclean and L/Cpl Page (1AGR) for their hard work on the project.
Armaholic and the Arma 3 Community, without whom we'd have learned nothing.

- Replaced Action Menu with Hotkeys, implemented Smokescreen and Flareline dispensers.

- Fixed Respawn Issue (Iceman77 Script)

- Added Anit-Missile Decoy Flares

- First Release

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