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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis, Chernarus, Stratis, Takistan
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.4

Date: 2014-05-19 10:39

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Defiance takes place with two teams BLUFOR (blue) and INDFOR (green). Blue team is trying to find and eliminate enemy HQs who represent the control of key towns by the Green team. Meanwhile Green team is fighting a defensive battle, trying to inflict as many Blue team player casualties as possible. Blue team win the game if they are able to shut down all the HQs on the map. Green team win if they manage to inflict a certain number of Blue team player respawns (a.k.a Tickets).

BLUFOR (BLUE) Team Strategy:
The enemy HQs start the game hidden, somewhere across the cities, towns and villages of Altis. Blue team can obtain intel from local civilians via direct (scroll-wheel) interaction with them. Not all civilians have intel and can only share intel if there is an enemy officer in the region (~5km), if the Blue team keeps turning up no intel then they should relocate to another town. This intel will be marked on the map as white squares, these markings become more and more accurate as more intel is gathered.

If a HQ is found and deactivated (BLUFOR player gets near to it) then the INDFOR operations are closed down. This means INDFOR can no longer spawn at the location and the INDFOR Leader can no longer spawn items there as a Zeus player.

BLUFOR (BLUE) Commanders (Zeus role):
Blue team has two Zeus roles on their side. Mission Commander (MC) and Air Commander (AC). MC is the overall leader of the team. The MC is also responsible for spawning and controlling all ground forces. Blue Team also have a MHQ that the MC can issue orders to. The MHQ is a secondary respawn point for Blue team as well as a small spawn area that the MC can use to deploy forces in the field. The MC can spawn troops at the central Blue Team base or in a small radius around the MHQ.

The AC role is to coordinate and deploy all Blue team air traffic. Air vehicles can be deployed either inside the Blue team base or at the main airfield. The AC can also remote control any vehicle they have deployed to assist with landing and takeoff of transport vehicles. The AC can also create empty aircraft if they wish to take a direct role in air support. If you enjoy being a pilot and fancy the challenge of managing all the aircraft for your team then this is the role for you.

INDFOR (GREEN) Team Strategy:
Green Team’s leader is also the Zeus player for INDFOR. The leader can deploy troops in any of the towns that currently has an active/alive officer. Officers cannot be controlled and will just patrol their respective town. If Blue team enters one of your deployment areas then it will be disabled until they leave the area, unless they manage to kill the officer, in which case it will be permanently disabled.

As noted above, if Blue team shut down an HQ they will have the opportunity to pick up intel. This will mark your location on the map to the Blue team. If a Blue team member finds you and kills you then a number of tickets (lives/respawns) will be rewarded to the Blue team. In addition approximately every 15 minutes the number of tickets awarded increases, only resetting once a bounty has been claimed.

INDFOR (GREEN) Leader (Zeus role):

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.


  • [New] You can now save your game. You can enable saving in the mission parameters. The game will also auto-save after each INDFOR HQ has been captured
  • [New] Single BLUFOR CO mode. Primarily designed for singleplayer / smaller games in which you want all the assets from the Air Commander to be consolidated into the Land Commander
  • [New] Defiance is now officially supported on Zargabad
  • [Balance] Major Balance changes to AT/AA: Missile Specialists have had their costs doubled/tripled. INDFOR now has access to static AT/AA at double the previous Missile Specialist cost. The intent is to reduce the amount of spamming of those units.
  • [Balance] To compensate for less AT, INDFOR have now been given access to the KUMA (Tank)
  • [Balance] To compensate for INDFOR getting a tank, BLUFOR’s Slammer has been upgraded to the TUSK variant
  • [Balance] Civilians have been removed from INDFOR Zeus. It was too easy to exploit
  • [Updated] When TvT/No Thermal Virtual Ammo Box is enabled, Zeus players will not be able to spawn ammo boxes. Players would use ammo boxes to get around item restrictions. Will investigate to see if there is a long term solve
  • [Updated] Zeus FOW(tm) now hide s the INDFOR HQ from BLUFOR
  • [Updated] Zeus can no longer edit the skill/respawn settings for Groups
  • [Updated] Additional Improvements to Team Killer checks. Should no longer award Team Kill on helicopter crashes
  • [Updated] Players can switch to INDFOR, even if locked to BLUFOR, if there are no INDFOR players online
  • [Admin] Admins can now reset team locks and forgive team killers in the Defiance – Command menu (you need to be logged in as Admin)
  • [Admin] Sometimes players would spawn in the corner of the map, a valid spawn checker is in place and will move any player that mis-spawns

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