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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.5

Short description: Civilian Occupation System efficiently populates all towns and villagers with realistic AI civilians and vehicles when needed and removes them when not needed.

Date: 2014-04-11 22:36

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Civilian Occupation System (COS)


Civilian Occupation System efficiently populates all towns and villages with realistic AI civilians and vehicles when needed and removes them when not needed.

- Fully automatic. Simply add COS into your mission to populate the map
- Quickly populate towns and villages with civilians, vehicles and parked cars
- Civilians act realistically and run from combat
- Add your own civilian occupation zones easily
- Blacklist towns to stop auto-population
- Dedicated for civilians. Can be used in conjunction with EOS
- Easily add your own scripts to all civilians and vehicles

Installation / Usage:
1. Copy COS folder into your mission folder
2. Open editor and place an object named SERVER
3. Copy this into the SERVER initialization box:
null=[] execVM "cos\cosInit.sqf";

Before proceeding add an object named server into the editor.
Open COS/AddScript_Unit.sqf to apply scripts to spawned units.
Open COS/AddScript_Vehicle.sqf to apply scripts to spawned vehicles.
To edit population of Zones open COS/cosCore.sqf.
To get Array of COS markers use _allMarkers=SERVER getvariable "COSmarkers";

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will try to cover the Community made releases. Make sure to visit our channel and subscribe! on Youtube

- Aerial activation option added
- Town labels now local to players in vicinity of town (Dedicated servers)
- Fixed debug feature
- Spawn cycle efficiency is improved
- Replaced random functions with shuffle outside of loop
- Road is not removed from roadlist array in each loop
- Count gets unique road from roadlist
- Only required road positions are stored
- Added notes to scripts for reference
- COS should now be called using the Server - Game Logic (See example mission)

- Fixed COS whiteList markers

- Removed useless format operation from cosInit.sqf
- MarkerID is now unique for COS to avoid conflict with other scripts
- COS now gets marker description from Whitelist markers for COS labels
- Added Hatchbacks into COS unit pool
- Improved spawning efficiency by moving patrol script outside loop
- Patrol script is now run via ExecVM instead of function
- Several code optimisations in spawning cylce
- Blacklisted towns are removed from COS spawning

- Modular options for Pedestrians/cars/parked
- COS now sequentially spawns towns
- Set Maximum group limit for COS at any one time (If limit is hit then civilians will be placed into a single group for each town)
- COS will now exit spawn loop if player leaves during spawn
- Show town label and debug messages now work on dedicated servers

- Each towns population is pre-calculated and stored
- Each towns Near roads are pre-calculated and stored.
- Simple Patrol script uses stored near roads variable instead of generating its own
- Patrol script saved as function
- Fired-near EV script saved as function
- Groups now deleted properly

- Original Build

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