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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.08

Date: 2014-12-16 08:28

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Altis On Fire


"Altis on Fire" is a 3 mission campaign I've developed for the Make Arma Not War Multiplayer Game Mode Contest. The three episodes follow the events that occur in June and July of 2035 when Altis' attempt to covertly research the technology to develop nuclear weapons leaks to the world. CSAT and NATO forces quickly become entangled in a quagmire on Altis where there is nowhere to hide.

Mission content:
  • In Episode 1 - "Fallout", you take on the role of CSAT forces attempting to destroy evidence of their involvement in the nuclear research program when rumors of the Altian research and development comes to light.

  • Episode 2 - "Force Recon" follows NATO troops spearheading an invasion to kick the CSAT occupiers off the island at the request of exiled Altian officials.

  • Finally in Episode 3 - "Rock and a Hard Place" we take on the role of the remnants of the shattered AAF troops attempting to obtain and extract the remaining weaponized nuclear material from Altis while the NATO and CSAT troops wage war around them.

  • Features & Notes:
    - AoF missions can be played with 2-10 players, and have multiple parameters available from the role selection screen to adjust game settings including numbers if AI, AI skill level, weather, time of day, and many other options.
    - Each mission is unique and has a style all it's own while AI is randomized every time leading to vastly different gameplay from session to session!
    - All three AoF missions contain a lot of AI. It is highly suggested you play the mission on a dedicated server with a Headless Client if at all possible. Headless Client support is built directly into all three missions.
    - For Best Gameplay, the missions should be played with all map markers turned off and at the "Veteran" or "Expert" difficulty level.
    - The missions really shine when the "ACRE" radio mod is used, but it is not a requirement and the missions can be played and enjoyed without it as well.
    - Mission specific gameplay information is listed in the "Gameplay Notes" of each mission briefing.

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Free Copy of A3 DLC Bundle for the best Altis on Fire Gameplay Video:
    To kick up some excitement about my Altis on Fire entry in the Make Arma, Not War contest, I've decided to run a simple little contest, and the winner will win a copy of the Arma 3 DLC Bundle!

    Simply record you and your friends playing any of the Altis on Fire missions, publish the video to YouTube and the best video will get a copy of the A3 DLC bundle. I've posted up all the details in the main AoF thread on the BI forums.

    We've submitted the mission pack to the "Make Arma, Not War" contest, so please support us at the contest entry page!


  • Minor tweak to all three missions to be compatible with BI's new Headless Client configuration. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

  • v1.07
  • All 3 Episodes: Tweaked AI spawn rates/numbers a bit.
  • Episode 2/Force Recon: Fixed bug in task "Deliver Supplies - Poliakko"
  • Episode 2/Force Recon: Fixed bug in task "Disrupt Fueling Operations - Agios Dionysios"
  • Episode 2/Force Recon: Fixed bug in task "UAV Recon - Panochori"

  • v1.06
  • All 3 Episodes: Increased the spawn rate of empty civilian cars in all episodes.
  • All 3 Episodes: Refreshed the AI Unit pools to include many newer units. AI troops and vehicles should be more varied.
  • All 3 Episodes: Tired of trying to run with the new Fatigue system? Added in a new parameter to Enable / Disable fatigue in all episodes. The default setting is 'Disabled' and it can be adjusted using the 'Parameters' button on the Role Selection screen.
  • Episode 2/Force Recon: Retooled the episode to use BangaBob's EoS system for AI spawning/caching, hopefully will ease some FPS issues folks are seeing due to AI load.
  • Episode 2/Force Recon: Added a new step off point "East" on the coast near Faronaki and added in scuba gear for anyone wishing to try a stealthy insertion.

  • v1.05
  • Episode 1: Added in a new "Unit Scatter Distance" parameter to allow the players to set initial player scatter distance between 1 and 10 KM.
  • Episodes 1-3: Minor tweaks to AI settings.
  • Added in an 'Alpha' version of the Altis on Fire Epilogue pbo. Still very Alpha, but would love to get some feedback on it.

  • v1.04
  • Episode 1: Redesign of the 'drop' mechanism to create better randomization of drops.
  • Episode 2: Bug fix for the Kavala "Destroy Bridges" task. Now changed to "Mine Bridges". Must mine the 4 bridges with 3-4 mines each to complete task.
  • Episode 2: Added in a few basic crates at step off points to give the players some extra starting gear.
  • Episode 3: Minor tweaks to the AI levels.

  • v1.03
  • Minor Updates to all missions for better ACRE Radio Mod Support.

  • v1.02
  • Fixed a small issue with the missions if a player tries to launch them as a single player scenario. The missions should still be launched through the Multiplayer menu.

  • v1.01
  • Minor bug fix in extraction script for Episode 1.

  • v1.0
  • Zeus is now integrated into all three missions! The missions will still work fine without someone filling the role of Zeus, but it's now supported for those that want to use it.
  • The Virtual AmmoBox (VAS) has been removed the Force Recon mission due to popular request.
  • Minor tweaks to AI and some small bugfixes.

  • v 0.99
  • First Public Release. Why 0.99 you ask? Well, I've done tons of playtesting, and while I'm pretty sure all the missions are ready for release, I'm sure you guys will find issues! Please report any you find!

  • Credits & thanks:
    - Thanks to all those supported my own mission making efforts through the forums, Skype channels and various other avenues as well as the community contributors and great scripts that were used in Altis on Fire:
    - AI Spawn Script Pack by spunFin
    - Civilian Vehicle Spawn by Zealot
    - Enemy Occupation System (EoS) by BangaBob
    - MAD Ambient Life by MAD T
    - Headless Client AutoDetect Script by elec
    - Repetitive Cleanup Script by Aeroson
    - SLP Spawning Script by Nomadd
    - Taskmaster/moveObjects/Random Position Scripts by Shuko
    - Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) by Tonic
    - Also, lot's of direct coding help and support from NeoArmageddon & spunFin

    - Also special thanks to a great batch of playtesters that helped motivate me along the way to make bigger and better missions, all while having a blast playing:
    - Dodgy Moustache
    - Harrier
    - La Gran We
    - Mr_H
    - Ninja Monkey
    - Partizan
    - Shifty
    - Smitty
    - Zim

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    - BI forums

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