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Requirements: Map misc and Map South Sahrani Island by Mapfact & EditorUpdate V1.02 (included)

Version: 2.00 beta

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Date: 2007-12-22 09:45

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Dynamic AI Creator

DAC is the short version for "Dynamic-AI-Creator".

In (so called) "AI-zones", waypoints and units of different categories and sides are being generated. If you play a mission using DAC, you will get a different game experience every time restarting the mission. This is the result of every AI-zone being generated every time, when you start the mission.

Furthermore, when using DAC, your mission will gain momentum and replayability will increase drastically in comparison with standard missions. Nevertheless mission designers have to spend more time in balancing the opposite forces and in testing their mission.

The script is able to maintain supplies, in a dynamic, but by mission designers controllable way. The AI respawns at fully generated camps, so it is possible to create large, long lasting missions using DAC.

    # generate units and waypoints dynamically in AI-zones
    # highly dynamic game experience, because of AI-zones being generated at every mission start
    # dynamic decrease of unit number (infantry or vehicle groups)
    # freely chosen size and number of zones (modify directly in in-game editor)
    # every zone can be configured individually (modify directly in in-game editor)
    # up to four different unit-categories can be generated per zone
    # two zone types: unit-zones, waypoint-zones, can be combined
    # freely chosen number of unit-zones can be linked with each other
    # freely chosen number of waypoint-zones can be linked with unit-zones
    # freely chosen number of unit-configurations can be defined
    # freely chosen number of behaviour-configurations can be defined
    # freely chosen number of waypoint-configurations can be defined
    # movable zones (global troop movement)
    # size of a zone can be changed at every time
    # new behaviour-configuration can be loaded at every time
    # new unit-configuration can be loaded at every time
    # dynamic AI-respawn in camps generated dynamically (no respawn or camp limits)
    # freely chosen number of camp-configurations can be defined (by a maximum of six camp-upgrades)
    # camps can be linked to zones
    # AI-respawn also possible without camp
    # “Standby-mode” for zones, units are generated when needed
    # zones can be activated, deactivated as often as you want to
    # script, which can delete units (depending on time and/or distance)
    # user defined waypoints can be included
    # dynamic AI-addon is defined, possibility to choose between four difficulty levels
    # running on dedicated servers
    # dynamic weather script
    # control markers can be activated
    # freely chosen number of marker-configurations can be defined
    # new marker-configuration can be loaded at every time
    # radio messages and markers depending on chosen side can be activated
    # units placed in in-game editor can use DAC routines as well
    # AI conquers buildings
    # AI detects empty vehicles
    # AI uses empty static guns
    # AI uses smoke grenades
    # complete new routines for detecting the enemy
    # scripted artillery support for players and AI (static and mobile)
    # AI-(voice-) sounds can be defined on seven different situations (works with MP)
    # extended error handling (to avoid user input errors)
    # 6 configuration files for individual modifications
    # good MP performance
Included files:
- DAC Readme.pdf
- DAC Short instruction.pdf
- DAC AI Behavior Plan.pdf (only infantry)
- DAC Demonstration (DAC-demo, 5 parts)
- DAC Examples (8 different zone samples)
- DAC Core (for copying in your missionsfolder)
- LowFlys EditorUpdate v1.02 (PBO file)

You can find the online readme here.

We strongly commend to read through the DAC-demo (consisting of 5 parts), which is a vast overview of the possibilities of DAC.

Attention! The following addons are necessary to use DAC:
    - Map_Misc
    - EditorUpdate V1.02 (you will also find it in the downloaded file)
    - MAP_SSara (used for sample missions and the demo)
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