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Requirements: Community Base Addons A3

Version: 0.4
Signed: No

Short description: EUSS enhances ArmA 3 with suppression and other effects.

Date: 2014-06-30 07:46

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Enhanced User Suppression System


EUSS enhances ArmA 3 with suppression and other effects that work against the player to provide a more immersive and tense atmosphere. Along with suppression effect from bullets explosions will now cause an optional ear ring. Ear ring is in alpha state while rest of effects are in beta.

Player suppression as he is being engaged
Layers of suppression
Camera shake while firing vehicle weapons simulating concusion/recoil
Ringing effect due to explosions - Alpha State

Extract into the ArmA 3 Directory, by default this is located in:
32-Bit - C:\Program Files\Steam/Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\
64-Bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam/Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\
After extraction it should look like this:
Steam\Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\@your_mod_folder_name\addons\

You can also use the "Arma 3 Alpha" folder in your "My Documents" folder. Your folder setup could than look like for example this:
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name1\addons\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name2\addons\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name2\addons\

When present place the "userconfig" folder into your game install folder, usually:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3".
You may already have "userconfig" folder from other addons and/or mods in which case it is safe to merge the contents from this archive.

You'll also need to add a Launch Parameter to Steam, in order to do so right-click on ArmA 3 Alpha and click Properties and then Set Launch Options. In the window that opens enter in -mod=@your_mod_folder_name
For using multiple mods you would then do so like this:

You can also use -nosplash to get rid of the splash art and intro videos.

And of course you can also enable and disable community made addons and mods through the in-game Options Expansions menu if you do not want to mess with startup parameters!

When the above information still does not provide you with enough to learn how to install custom addons and mods you can always ask in our Guide On Installing Mods.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Future plans:
Current focus:
Adjusting Suppression effects
Adding Color distortion while suppressed.
Ringing effect due to explosions

Future Focus:
Allow Screen shake depending on caliber of weapon shot
Add dirt effects for nearby explosions
Add concussion effects for heavy ordinance. Tanks shooting for example.
Add Sound effects as you are suppressed

Credits & Thanks:
72nd Airborne for testing

- Decreased time it takes for suppression to wear off
- Added @EUSS_No_Weapon_Shake for those who dont want to have weapons shake while shooting.

- Adjusted CamShake with latest ArmA 3 update
- Increased maximum suppression variable

- Re-Enabled Ear ring
- Added UserConfig
- Enabled Grenades for ear ring
- Adjusted Suppression effects
- Fixed Multiplayer Ear Ring

v0.1 beta hotfix
- Disabled Ringing for now
- Adjusted suppression levels

v0.1 beta
- Official Push into BETA
- Tweaked Sensitivity of bullet detection
- Added Black and white fitler for when suppressed heavily.
- Added Ringing and Sound distortion when "EH_Explosion" is triggered

v0.03 Alpha
- Fixed wheeled APC's from having weapon shake when firing
- Adjusted camera shake sensitivity on vehicles weapons
- Adjusted sensitivty of suppression and camera shake on player
- Adjusted radius of bullet check
- Added Suppression levels
- Added different "Tiers" of blur
- Complete re-write of Camshake and Blur

v0.02 Alpha
- Decreased camera shake sensitivity on vehicles weapons
- Fixed tanks and aircraft being effected by camera shake
- Increased chance of suppression effects

v0.01 Alpha
- First public release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base Addons A3

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