Author: Reynaert
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2

Short description: Able to create a shelter with several extras.

Date: 2014-04-20 15:31

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Simple Shelter


Simple script(s) which give you the ability to place a tent and fireplace. You are able to rest in the tent and cook food or boil water on a fire. This can be very useful in survival missions or long co-op missions.

  • Tent:
      - Able to rest in a tent, with animations.
      - Able to place, and fold up your tent.
  • Fireplace:
      - Able to cook food.
      - Able to boil water.
      - Able to remove the fireplace.

The file comes with a demo mission. Simply extract the file and put it in your missions folder.

In-game, you will have 2 actions. The "Place tent" and "Create fireplace" option. Both will be removed when used. They return when you fold or removed up your tent or fireplace. Food and water can be obtained through objects that are also in the demo mission.

- To make the script MP compatible, name the player P1 or whatever name you want and put this in the unit's init or trigger:
P1 addAction["Create fireplace", "Fireplace.sqf", nil, 6, True, True, "", "_this == P1"]; 
P1 addAction["Place tent", "Tent.sqf", nil, 6, True, True, "", "_this == P1"];

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Change log:
- Added sounds for eating and drinking
- Removed some useless scripts

- Changed hints with text

- Added hints for most actions
- Added animations for the "Rest" action
- Changed water to object instead of trigger

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Tags: Fireplace,   Shelter,   Survival,   Tent