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Version: 0.0.3 Alpha

Short description: It's just a working config guide for new modders with human-readable descriptions of config properties

Date: 2014-05-03 12:01

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Olds' Configs for Newbs


OK, it's not a mod, it's just a working config guide for new modders. I got frustrated with the absurdly scattershot nature of Arma modding "documentation". Unfinished tutorials, obsolete documentation, it's a freaking mess!

The main utility is probably:
Human-readable descriptions of config properties
Links to the information source(s) (the little hyperlinked X's)

The workbook consists of several sheets:
  • typ: file types, I started this early on and haven't updated it at all; somewhere there's a BIS webpage that actually describes all these--I need to find that link
  • fil: a rough and ready description of what's in the vanilla A3 PBO's, primarily from the config perspective
  • doc: a general list of important documentation links
  • Tnk: the first config template is drawn from a BIS tank, descriptions of properties to the best of my ability and links to sources. I plan to add other templates for Cars, Helos, etc.
  • P3D: a summary of the various LOD's in a P3D file

Included files:

This is a rough-and-ready WIP, not a modding bible.
I'd really appreciate any corrections from more experienced modders!
Reply, PM, whatever and I will correct the errors & omissions.

- PhysX properties basically done:
A much better set of links for many of the properties than the default BIS ones
Improved descriptions and a couple of little charts shoved in there for those really obscure and poorly documented properties.
- A few miscellaneous properties added (mostly related to optics)

- lots more properties and links added to "Tnk" config template
- Most properties have entries now

v0.0.1 Alpha
- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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