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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.96

Short description: A simple ParaDrop script that works with both AI and Players.

Date: 2016-02-19 09:59

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Simple ParaDrop


A simple ParaDrop script that lets you keep your original backpack and loadout without the need to have a parachute. You can assign any backpack you want, let the unit board a Helo then paradrop and keep their original assigned backpack. Once outside the aircraft this script will spawn a parachute and move the unit into it. Once the unit hits the ground, the parachute disappears and the unit gets his original backpack back again.

So what happens is when the helo gets to the waypoint or activates the trigger, it hoofs out everyone onboard (except aircraft crew) and the helo continues on to it's next waypoint. Para's will descend until they reach your specified ALTITUDE (or 100m if you don't specify) where they will deploy a Parachute. No need to assign one, and you can keep your existing backpack.

Installation / Usage:
Put down an UH80 on the map and name it 'UH80'.
Now set it's parameters to 'Special' = 'Flying' and set it's init to
this flyInHeight 120;
Now create a Group of units and in the group leader's init, add this to get everyone onboard the helo.
Paras = group this;{_x assignasCargo UH80;_x moveinCargo UH80} forEach units group this;
So far so good. 'Paras = Group this' means the group are now called Paras.

Now create a trigger or waypoint with this as the ON ACT:
_drop =[UH80,100] execVM "eject.sqf";
UH80 = The name of your Transport Helo (named in the editor)
100 = The height in metres you want the chutes to auto open @

And finally with this as the eject.sqf script. Put it in the mission folder.

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Known issues:

License / Disclaimer:
Just remember to credit me if you use any of my scripts or assets in any mission file you share with friends or publish.

- fixed bugs
- included my latest F.A.R.P. (Forward Arming and Repair Point) update.

- Fixes for MP and Compatibility with Arma 3 version 1.28.

- No need to declare the Para group onboard. Latest script will now thrown out everyone, regardless of group assignments, side etc.

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