Author: JTS
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: A personal messages script for Arma 3.

Date: 2015-09-09 07:45

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PM Compact


A personal messages script for Arma 3.

- Send private messages to any player
- Received messages will be stored in your inbox
- Ability to remove messages
- You can disable the reception of messages
- Notification when a message is received
- ARMA 3 GUI style
- Compact dialog window

Installation / Usage:
1. If you have file 'Init.sqf' already in your mission, then copy from my init.sqf line: execVM "JTS_PM\Functions.sqf"; and add it to your init.sqf. Otherwise - just copy the init.sqf into your mission.
2. If you have already Description.ext - copy the line: #include "JTS_PM\PM_Compact.hpp" and add it to your description.ext (Don't forget the rules if you write #include). Otherwise just copy the Description.ext to your mission.
3. Copy the folder 'JTS_PM' into your mission
4.You can adjust the script. Open file 'Functions.sqf' located in \JTS_PM\. You will see the editable variables. Change them on your own.

JTS_MSG_STR = "Personal messages"; // Text, which will be displayed in action menu
JTS_ALLOW_PM = 0; // if 0 - receiving of personal messages on mission start is allowed. If 1 - receiving of personal messages on mission start is prohibited
JTS_SIDES = 1; // if 0 - list for player will be filled with all players, no matter on which side they are. If 1 - list for player will be filled only with players on the same side
JTS_MSG_COLOR = "#980000"; // Color of the text in action menu. The colors you can find here:

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Credits & Thanks:
Script was tested by: JTS (me), Urban

Respect copyrights!
You are allowed to use this in your mission, but you are NOT allowed to:
1. Change it
2. Publish it from your name
3. Change it/Publish it from your name

Also if you modify it and want to use it in your mission - you are not allowed to do that. You can ONLY use this in your mission, if the script/GUI is NOT modified! (Except the editable variables of course). The GUI is in ARMA 3 style. So I think there should not be any problems :)

- Fixed background colors for editable fields

- Fixed error (No font)


- first release

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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