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Version: Beta Release - Revision 5

Short description: A fully module mission framework for Arma 2 & Arma 3.

Date: 2014-05-10 08:41

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Core Mission Framework

Naught & Olsen

The Core mission framework is a structure designed to expedite the development of missions and to improve the overall quality of standard components. It showcases efficient programming standards and utilizes performance-enhancing systems to provided the best user experience for both mission developers and players.

The Core mission framework is a pet-project of the United Operations community, but due to its success, we've decided to release it to the public for full use.
The framework is currently in its beta stage, meaning that it may still have bugs or issues, but has been tested extensively.

The framework is divided into two major components at the root level: the core and all modules:
  • The Core:
      The core is used to load the framework and libraries, and to process all of the modules.
      As a mission developer, you may not interact directly with the core, as it does it's own work and almost never gets in the way of things.

      But you may need to occasionally access core libraries, or files which hold many functions for usage anywhere in the framework. You can access these libraries in the core\libraries folder, and each one is extensively documented for ease-of-use.
  • Modules:
      Modules are the building-blocks of the framework; they're the components which interact directly with the user.
      Modules are self-contained scripts for executing specific functions, for example loading gear or caching AI. They're individually configurable, and each can be disabled or enabled via two keystokes.

      Modules can be found in the modules directory, and a list of them can be edited in the modules.cpp file. Here we include each module individually, so by using the comment feature (//) we can disable modules without having the remove the entire include line.

Fully Modular - Meaning that everything is configurable!
Large Libraries - Functions for nearly everything.
Extensive Logging - A full logging system designed like it should be.
Many Bundled Modules - You can expect these modules to be top-notch in performance and usability.
Seamless Headless Client Integration - Easily implement headless client into your mission via the headless_client module.
High Performance AI Caching - Dramatically increase the performance of your mission through fully transparent AI caching.
Integrated Team Roster - View who's on your team and check their description while in-game via the team_roster module.
Easy Gear System - Easily configure unit and vehicle loadouts via the included macro-based gear system.
Amazing Building System - Allow players to build fortresses in-game using the building_menu module.
Many More Useful Modules - The framework comes pre-packaged with many necessary components such as AO limits, a briefing manager, a CBA flexi menu helper, JIP teleport, automatic marker control, setup areas, a spectator system, and much more!

Installation / Usage:
Download the latest release of the Core mission framework from the releases page.
Open Arma, go to the editor, and create a new mission on the map of your choosing.
Go to the mission directory and copy and paste the entire mission framework there. You may be prompted to overwrite the mission.sqm file, which you should disallow.
Reload the mission in Arma.
The framework is now implemented! Please reference the Configuration wiki page for details on how to configure the framework for usage in your mission.

The Core mission framework requires only requires either Arma 2 OA 1.62 or Arma 3 1.00 or greater. Arma 3 support does work, but is currently not tested regularly.

Showcase Mission
The Core mission framework is bundled with a showcase mission designed in Arma 2 to show the basics of creating a mission and how to implement the Core mission framework.

The mission is fully-functional, so all you have to do is create a new folder in your missions directory called CO14_Apple_Core.utes and copy the framework there.

It's recommend that all mission makers who haven't used this framework before study the showcase mission to get a feel of how to create Core framework missions and how to optimize for performance.

More info how to configure this within your own missions can be found here:

More info how to update this can be found here:

Beta Release - Revision 5
- Major gear module fix (gear duplication & locality bug).
- Miscellaneous updates to ai_caching and showcase mission module list.
- Update actor and environment libraries.

Beta Release - Revision 3
- Add licensing file and description. Reference the file for more details.
- Update line spacing in module SQF files for legibility.
- Add logging for the modules' post-init benchmarks.
- Add an actor library for the actor-based programming model.
- Update core structure for easily removing libraries for implementations in other projects.
- Miscellaneous other fixes and enhancements.

Beta Release - Revision 2
- first public release

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