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Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: contains the fighter jets of the United States Air Force. Each fighter comes with their own leathality, special characteristics and weapons. Currently the pack contains the A-10C Thunderbolt II, the F35A Lightining 2 and the F-22A Raptor.

Date: 2021-03-08 09:21

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USAF Mod - Fighters

USAF Mod Team

Welcome everyone to the new official home of the USAF MOD!

This pack contains the fighter jets of the United States Air Force. Each fighter comes with their own lethality, flight characteristics, and unique loadouts.

The following aircraft are currently included:
F-35A Lightning II
F-22 Raptor
A-10C Thunderbolt II

More aircraft are in development and will be added as they are completed. For more information, join our discord server below.

To install USAF Mod - Fighters you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Our discord is the best way to get in touch with the community and mod team:

Official tutorial videos are available here:

Credits & Thanks:
- ARMA 3 game engine: Bohemia Interactive
- Project lead: SGT Fuller
- Project 2IC: Peral
- Models: SGT Fuller, Lala, Raynor, Brian, Hpookie
- Configs: SGT Fuller, Raynor, Lala, Pingopete, Hpookie
- Scripts: Lala, Raynor, Pingopete
-John Spartan

- Muckep
- Apilion
- Foot Munch
- InterpidGamer
- Frl Mike
- RavenDK
- Nes4day
- AtinAkiri
- Theebu
- Aduke and Team
- Meatball0311
- Ohally
- Raid
- Teeha
- ACE Mod and team
- IRIS Simulations
- Eggbeast - scripts and development of CBU types
- Unsung Mod / Eggbeast - clustermine logic
- Myke - models made to order!
- wld427 and RKSL - original CBU script in PRACS mod
- Arindfile
- KetsuCorp: GEAR MOD

- If i forgot you please PM me and you will be added to the credits

You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only.
You may not use this add-on (nor any of its parts) in any other add-on or mod (not even partially) nor redistribute or
mirror it without SGT Fuller's prior permission and agreement.
This add-on is released under
Creative Commons License


Hotfix for Publisher not correctly filling in meta.cpp causing launcher problems - no changes or version increase
- Transition to new workshop author
- F-35A: Add light variant (Wingtip pylons only)
- F-35A: Fix bay animation affecting body
- F-35A: Swap loadouts so 9X is always on wingtips
- F-35A: Fix heavy and stealth variants having reversed maxSpeed values (heavy should be slower)
- F-22: Allow GBU-49 to be loaded
- F-22: Fix weapon LOD positions
- All: Add ACRE support
- All: Tweak get in positions and add get in/out animations
- All: Allow ejection if engine is off
- All: Fix shadow error on scripted material change
- All: Update editor previews
- F-35A: Fix black background on decals
- F-35A: Fix DAS system, adjust behavior
- F-35A: Fix VRD system
- F-35A: Add CBA options to disallow DAS and SAR
- F-35A: Various model LOD and material fixes
- F-22: Fix possible afterburner invalid data
- A-10C: Add worn/shark/hog variants
- A-10C: Fix and enable various cockpit gauges
- A-10C: Fix sensors not following TGP pitch
- A-10C: Remove Anti-radiation sensor component
- A-10C: Fix landing gear collision geometry not raising with animation
- A-10C: Fix error on eject
- A-10C/F-35A: Add additional stage of TGP magnification
- All Fighters: Add datalink sensor component, increase range
- All Fighters: use BI ai eject event
- Fix various GPS/ECM actions being visible outside aircraft

Remove deprecated files. No version change.

***Keys are now versioned and can be found in (modfolder)/keys.***
F-35A: Model realistic wing for A variant
F-35A: lots of script cleanup, hopefully fix server lockup on get in
F-35A: Add combat liveries
F-35A: Material and texture improvements
F-35A: Reduce hook mount size
F-35A: Shadow LOD fixes
F-35A: Fix missing pilot LOD geometry (if looking behind with TrackIR)
F-35A: Fix DAS missile launch action
F-35A: Add more visual LODs
F-35A: Suspension fixes
F-22: Fix TAD map being applied to aircraft body
F-22: Fix formation lights material
F-22: Fix gun door being open on spawn in some situations
Hotfix: Add server keys back in.

A-10C: Fix misaligned MFD texture
A-10C: Fix inverted suspension animation
A-10C: Fix floating squares
F-22: Fix gun door stuck open & master safe missing after editing loadout in eden
F-35A: Fix black UAV feed
- A-10: Sensors now slew with targeting pod
- A-10: Increase gun volume
- F-22: Raise viewpoint
- F-22: Reduce interior volume levels
- F-22: Enable all MFDs
- F-22: Open gun door when selected
- F-22: Use correct gun sound
- F-22: Keep bays open slightly longer when deploying weapons
- F-35: Raise landing autopilot speed
- F-35: Keep bays open slightly longer when deploying weapons
- Fix mismatched keys

A-10C: Increase get in radius
F-22: Overhaul flight dynamics to Jets-era
F-22: Improve sound behavior
F-22: Fix inverted side stick elevator animation
F-22: Fix MFD log errors
F-35A: Fix fuel gauge showing over SAR imagery
F-35A: Fix missiles sticking out of bottom bay

1.0.2 hotfix1:
- F-35A: overhaul flight dynamics
- F-35A: fix hovering landing gear
- F-35A: improve sounds

- Flight dynamics adjustments
- A-10C: Add bomb pipper
- A-10C: Fix weapon selection getting stuck while laser is on
- A-10C: Fix AI not using gun
- A-10C: Fix gun not heard from distance
- F-22: Only open bays when firing
- F-22: Center hud in view
- F-22: Fix wreck material
- F-35A: Open bays separately and only when firing
- F-35A: Fix TGP gimbal limits
- F-35A: Fix gun proxy location
- F-35A: Adjust and animate bay proxies
- F-35A: Adjust sounds
- F-35A: Fix illegal magazines in some loadouts
- F-35A: Fix loss of master safe when changing loadouts
- Additional A-10C Pylon Presets
- Fix F-35A sound error log spam
- Fix and add F-35A Pylon Presets

ALL VERSIONS of the previous USAF MOD are obsolute and should be deleted.

- F-16 Visual Bug Fixed
- A-10 Un able to aquire GPS targets fixed
- F-16 HARM now only fires towards Tigris(Anti-Air)
- F35A HARM now only fires towards Tigris (Anti-Air)
- E3 AWACS game crashing issues fixed

- GPS Systems Upgraded once more
- C-17 "Move in Action" Fixed
- Joint Air to Ground Missile Added to F35A
- Missilebox Weapons, damage parameters increased/decreased
- F-22 Maneuverability increased
- Pilots coveralls can now have XML Clan codes and BI insignias or Other moded Insignias. One appears on left the other appear on right

v0.5.1 alpha
- GPS Systems on all aircraft have been fixed
- B-1 and B-2 Manual fire added back in. Take note that you can only manual fire with the default loadout not the service menu changed ones
- Weaponname issue for the GBU-31 and 32 is fixed
- Bombs floating under F35A is fixed
- C130 cargo version issue where it wasn't moving now fixed
- Weapon parameters increased for select few weapons including GBU-53
- F22 Weapons missing GBU-32 fixed
- F22 GAU now attacks air targets only
- (F-35A)DAS Spherical Coverage issue where missiles were missing constantly fixed
- Small tweeks and upgrades

v0.5 alpha
- F22 Cockpit night lighting added
- F35 Cockpit night lighting added
- C130 Cockpit Night lighting added
- Zeus Functionality Added thanks to VIPeR2511
- Security Forces Vehicles fixed and display correctly thank you Viper2511
- F35 MFD screens changed
- F22 spawn error completely fixed
- Can now walk around while in flight..C130, C17 and Osprey. Thank you Soul_assasian of RHS
- F35 Ejector seat added
- F16 Ejector seat added
- F22 Ejector seat added
- CV-22 can now be locked on by Anti-Air and will respond appropriately if controlled by AI I.E Drop Flares, Also you will have alarm going off inside when targeted.
- C130J can now be locked on by Anti-Air and will respond appropriately if controlled by AI I.E Drop Flares, Also you will have alarm going off inside when targeted.
- B1B can now be locked on by Anti-Air and will respond appropriately if controlled by AI I.E Drop Flares, Also you will have alarm going off inside when targeted.
- AC-130U can now be locked on by Anti-Air and will respond appropriately if controlled by AI I.E Drop Flares, Also you will have alarm going off inside when targeted.
- AC130U Fire corrected and now hits directly on the cross hair.
- Osprey can now be landed with Autopilot without it jumping into the sky
- F22 FOV updated now matches F16
- F16 Elevator bug fixed
- A10 Shadow bug fixed
- F16 AQAA28 shadow bug fixed
- C17 Texture error Fixed
- AQAA28 Texture error Fixed
- Changed C17 Get in and out points so it wont look like your clipping through the aircraft anymore
- Awacs Tracking Script added
- Collision lights for various aircraft updated to reflect real life
- CV22 MFD Screens can now be seen at night
- C17 MFD Screens updated and can now be seen at night
- F16 MFD Screens updated
- B1B Afterburner re-added with visual effects
- B2 MFD Screens updated and can now be seen at night
- All vehicle MFDs will be off at start and will turn on when engine started
- HH60G MFD screens can now be seen at night
- A10 hearing Exterior sounds inside interior fixed
- Various Tweaks and updates
- Added Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod
- A10C can now carry JDAMS and middle pylon under body can now be used
- B1 can now carry the Sniper ATP
- F16C can now carry the Sniper ATP
- Updated Service menus on F16 to carry more weapons
- Updated Service menus on A10C to carry more weapons
- Updated Service Menus on F35A to carry more weapons
- Added CBU-78B, CBU-87B, CBU-89B, CBU-100, and CBU 103 Cluster Bombs to A10 , B1, B2, F16, and F35A
- Added Airburst Versions of MK-82 and GBU-31
- Added Texture edits for F16, and F35A
- Added MK-77 Napalm Bomb to F16 and A10
- Added ECM ability to ECM POD (A10 and F16 ECM will not work without the pod)
- Added SEAD SYSTEM to F16 and F35A
- Added Anti-Ship Tracking to AGM-84
- Updated GAU8 Sounds
- Updated A10 Sounds
- Added Impact Sounds for AC-130
- Paradrop and Halo options removed from C-17
- Old Orbit script removed from Legacy AC-130
- Added Ability for CV-22 to carry two Items ONLY(Quadbikies and ammo crate, 2x Quadbike or 2 ammobox). Anymore will cause the CV-22 to tople
- Added ability for cargo in c17 to run out instead of walk
- Added new Pilot uniforms (2nd LT-Brigidar General)
- Added UAV Officer
- Fixed issue with Laser Guided Bombs in missilebox they now only go after laser and not line of sight
- USAF MOD fixed after update
- MQ-9 now fires off bore targets
- Added DAS Abilities (Spherical Coverage, and AESA)
- Fixesd issue where AIM-120 was able to fire at land vehicles and now only fires at Air.
- Added ECM to F22, F35A, and B2.
- Aerial Refueling script Updated you can now refuel more than one aircraft at one time.
- F16 Zoom FOV updated to match A10.
- Changed names of certain useractions
- Test Version of CV-22 (IDWS) Added (CV-22 must be enabled in order to use this).
- HH60 Cargo doors now open and close
- Added Hydra to F-16
- Added AGM-86C to B2
- Added Pilot's Bag containing all 3 helmets
- Alot more Fixes

- USAF Mod - Main

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