SP mission : Alpha One Diaries - Baptism by Kallusmax

Kallusmax has submitted a random Battle Generator where you battle for grid positions to gain control of zones.

    Quote Kallusmax :
  • Gain radio trigger points by killing and winning battles.
  • Spend trigger points on radio commands.
  • When the battle starts check your map notes for zone stats and bonuses.
  • Battle count only includes ground forces.
  • Win conditions are: At least 21 men and twice the enemy count.
  • Auto-MultiVac is free, and is initiated when the battle has been won and the enemy is reduced to 15 men.
  • To end the current battle, extract and enter the upper barracks on the island.
  • Extraction can be requested at any time, but thereafter, you can no longer win the battle.

Written on 2014-04-26 16:32 by KallusMax  

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