Author: Stick_Hogue
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Requirements: USS Nimitz

Version: 2.2
Signed: No

Short description: Scripts using static submarine object to simulate a working sub as a ride for divers (this is not a vehicle cfg)

Date: 2015-08-10 09:45

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Stick_Hogue (aka Stick)

Stick's Sub - this is meant as a slick ride for divers.
See this article on the "Tactical Trident" SSGN submarine for reference to the inspiration for this:

The package contains a demo mission too!

-- Uses the static "submarine_01_f" object and simulates features of a working submarine
-- enter and exit the sub "as directed by crew" when surfaced, or via mini-DDS when submerged
-- climb into the "Helm liaison console" and drive the sub, with heading, speed and depth control
-- from the gunner's seat use the periscope (which has a laser designator)
-- deploy and retrieve an SDV, assault boats (zodiacs), and AI subordinate "deck apes"
-- SDV supports "strapping on" 4 additional divers, giving it 8-diver transport capability
-- dry lock room has full equipment lockers via the game's Virtual Arsenal
-- use the briefing room to plan your next op
-- launch up to 90 tactical missiles when at periscope/missile depth (map target can be overridden by BLUFOR lasers)
-- mount and occupy a .50 cal tripod on the dorsal foredeck when surfaced
-- ambient sounds and interior lights for additional immersion
-- units can be designated as SONAR targets in the mission, with (crudely) simulated SONAR scripting using markers (and awooga/ping sounds)
-- StickSub getvariable ["StickSubOPFORKnowsAboutSub",-1] simulates the "knowsabout" command, which is not calculated for scenery objects like the sub

Installation / Usage:
For detailed installation and usage information about how to use the StickSubA3 script in your own Arma 3 missions please refer to the included readme file!

Known issues:
NOTE: An Arma 3 SDV bug prevents direct moveingunner (weird, bad things happen), so if you want 2 operators, first get into the Helm (driver's) seat, then from inside the "control console" move to the gunner's seat to let the next person get into the Helm position.

- I'm intentionally not doing anything fancy with the briefing room (e.g. ability to sit) yet because I'd prefer to use whatever functionality the Nimitz folks eventually add.
- This script set uses teleportation to establish the illusion of getting inside this submarine, so INFORMATION AGE ISSUES are always possible, especially with slow connections or whenever there is desync or lag. There's nothing I can do about it, as with all other things in the game that can suffer from desync and lag.
- This script set is designed to only create a single instance of the SSGN. Do NOT attempt to generate more than one, it won't work.

Future work:
I am taking no other new functionality or changed functionality requests specific to this script set.
If you want to change its behavior or add whole new functionalities, please feel free to implement your own tailorings, but I caution you to test under load first. It's very easy to let requirements creep turn software into bloatware and chaosware. And, as always, don't forget to credit the author.

Armaholic note:
This is a script but placed within the addons section as requested by the author,

Credits & thanks:
As always, my long-time Arma buddy, Mik, continues to patiently help with ideas and testing as well as good game play. Thanks also to Dixon for the encouragement. Thanks to Kylania for the basis of the missile launching scripting.

StickSubA3 submarine scripts and demo mission
Copyright (C) 2014 Rich Hogen (aka Stick)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You can find the GNU General Public License here:

- tweaked the sub's missiles code to give them plenty of range to cover Altis (I only discovered recently, with Mik's help, that the BIS missiles have a 7 km
- also added a map marker indicating the missile's position
- also added systemchat feedback text as a reminder of your most recent commands for the sub
- minor tweaks to the helicopter insertion waypoints and added an auto-eject if you're asleep for the jump
- added Quicksilver's improved fatigue script
- added MulleDK19's weapon holstering script
- changed revive script to Monsoon's "Simple Revive Script"

- switched from VAS to native Virtual Arsenal
- JIP now works (actions, wounding/revive)
- liaison console HUD now indicates whether or not the SDV is onboard or deployed
- upper two speeds now changed from 20 and 40 knots to 25 and 55 knots
- demo mission Drimea Crisis drastically updated to v2
- added "StickSubOPFORKnowsAboutSub" variable for mission makers

- several bug fixes/minor improvements, plus the demo mission

- added a deployable .50 cal tripod on the dorsal fore deck (via action at the main door when surfaced), added simSONAR capability

- rewrite of the "fell through deck" check, added refueling of nearby assault boats that have been launched from the sub,
- added missile launching,
- added ambient sounds,
- added a warning and rejection if players approach the Nimitz theatrical set off map, plus numerous - other tweaks and fixes for an improved
- overall experience, especially if you run the thing aground, protected against strapping to the SDV once it's been commanded to load,
- added tailoring of the sub's name (default is still "SSGN"); tested in hosted MP and hosted JIP

v1.1 hotfix
- fixes the problem of the control station SDV's cockpit cameras being suppressed when starting the mission with the submarine surfaced (they came back on when you drop to depth, but this is an unacceptable condition), and
- attempts to further optimize the behavior of the "fell through the deck" protection so it does not fire when it shouldn't.

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