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Requirements: Arma 2, Guerra do Ultramar, Community Base addons, Mig-15
Island(s): Terra Atormentada
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2014-04-28 06:23

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[RWO] Operation Mar Verde


November 1970, equatorial Africa: Portugal commenced Operacao Mar Verde or Operation Green Sea on 22 November 1970.
This seaborne invasion of Conakry, conducted under cover of darkness, sought to overthrow Toure', a staunch PAIGC ally, to capture the leader of the PAIGC, Amilcar Cabral, and to cut off supply lines to PAIGC insurgents.
Guinea very actively supported the nationalist forces attempting to end Portuguese colonial rule in adjacent Guinea-Bissau, from their first appearance in the early 1960s until their ultimate success.
The only significant nationalist organization, the African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands (Partido Africano da Independencia da Guine' e do Cabo-Verde—PAIGC), had maintained its headquarters in Conakry and its rear area bases in Guinea close to the border with the Portuguese colony.
The leader and major force of the PAIGC until 1972 was Amilcar Cabral.
Cabral's residence in Conakry was close to that of President Toure', and the two leaders espoused a similar ideology on domestic and international affairs.
Portugese Guinea HQ (General-Governor Spinola) dediced to launch an articulated and hazardous plan against Conakry, the goal is to infiltrate during night into guinean/PAIGC controlled territory in the capital of Guinea Conakry, several squads of portugese marines and commandos of five men each, onboard some Zodiac/Zebro rafts.
Portugese task is to infiltrate the city and strike the main guinean armed forces infrastructures with the aim of destroy as much equipment as possible, especially the guinean/PAIGC naval assets (Komar and PT-6 patrol boats) vehicles and light APCs (held inside a Hangar close the piers) the headquarters of the Guinea Conakry army (Camp Samory) and the Republican Guard.
Other important target during the mission is to find and assassinate or capture the leader of the PAIGC, Amilcar Cabral and Guinea president Sekou Toure', that might be in the presidential compound, while a secondary but relevant target is the hangar at the airport, where we suspect some Mig-17s are held and kept airworthy with the support of cuban/soviet advisors.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

Known issues:
- AI may not react how you would expect them to. I'm constantly trying to improve it, but it won't always work 100%.
- I don't have any proper voices for the radio messages. I used a radio beep instead to make a sort of simulation.
- You have to place a satchel charge on the first PBR boat on the left to accomplish task2

Credits & Thanks:
- Zipper5 for his excellent mission templates and scripts
- Kronzky for his UPS script
- BIS for this excellent game
- Dimitri Harkov for his beautiful mod and Terra atormentada map
- Other scripts developers non mentioned here for their scripts and templates

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Arma 2
- Guerra do Ultramar
- Community Base addons
- Mig-15
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - SM (Optional)

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