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Silola informed us he released an updated version of his Dynamic-AI-Creator on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This version for Arma3 is not a completely new version, but a slightly improved and hopefully error-free version.

    In (so called) "DAC-zones", waypoints and units of different categories and sides are being generated. If you play a mission using DAC, you will get a different game experience every time restarting the mission.
    This is the result of every AI-zone being generated every time, when you start the mission.

    The script is able to maintain supplies, in a dynamic, but by mission designers controllable way. The AI respawns at fully generated camps, so it is possible to create large, long lasting missions using DAC.

    New features, such as create DAC-zones during a mission or object-generation and also the features like global troup movements,or multiple de-/activation of AI-zones are taking mission design to a new level.

    With the todays download you get the following content:
    • DAC 3.1 addon Version
    • DAC 3.1 script Version
    • 33 demonstration/tutorial missions (german + english)
    • 4 different MP mission examples (addon version)
    • 2 different SP mission examples (script version)
    • comprehensive documentations

    • fixed: Faulty reducing functionality of camp groups

Written on 2014-04-30 11:44 by Armaholic  

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