Wander Panzer by gmwo
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Gmwo released an updated version of his Wander Panzer addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This MOD reproduced "Wander Panzer (WAP)" which is a fictional mecha comes up in "Front Mission" (Front Mission is a video game).

    • Type 107 Kyojun (Kyojun is made in a company called IGUCHI of O.C.U. Japan.):
        - Kyojun Assault type1 (30mm HE Machine gun , AT missile )
        - Kyojun Assault type2 (40mm Machine gun )
        - Kyojun Gunner (120mm cannon )
        - Kyojun launcher (AT missile , AAmissile)
        - Kyojun Beam-Rifle (Prototype Beam-Rifle)
    • Frost(Frost is made in a company called Diable Avionics of U.S.N. America.):
        -Frost Assault type1 (40mm Machine gun , 2000Rnd 7.62mm Gatling)
    • Fixed config
    • Changed script of animation in MP
    • Added 2 objects

Written on 2015-05-03 06:30 by Armaholic  

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