Author: Lala14
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.653

Short description: This adds a red light in the back of vehicles for night missions.

Date: 2015-03-14 09:46

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Interior Lighting


This adds a red light in the back of vehicles for night missions. It would of course be a little less bright (dim)
and is used in real life as red is a colour not able to see well from distance.

Installation / Usage:
In the init.sqf:
nul=[] execVM "IntLight.sqf";

Test mission:
A test mission is available here.

Please do note that I do not plan on updating this script as I believe that it will not require updates unless something happens in the future, i.e. script command changes

Credits & Thanks:
Originally requested by DarkXess to create a Red light that would appear inside helicopters
Credit to Tajin for changing the whole script to make it more efficient and better looking for ground vehicles plus easier to config other vehicles

Released to everyone for who ever would like to use or modify
If you are to modify this script please credit Me(Lala) and/or Tajin

- Added Lights to most, if not all RHS vehicles.
- Fixed issue when the script is reinitialised you keep getting more TURN ON addactions (discovered from addons)
- Added some more debug information
- Added more isNil checks in the script
- Added "sab_an2_BASE", "SAB_C130_J_Base", "ADF_S70A_base_F", "ADF_ASLAV_BASE_F"

- Added More lights to the MI-290 Medical
- Added lights to the Tauro Medical/Transport pods as well
- Fixed spelling mistake in debug
- Minor Light position changes to the MI-290 Transport

- Added 3 new variables (IL_Action_Night, IL_Debug, IL_Balls)
- Added new function to use allTurrets to allow gunners in choppers to be able to control the lights now in IL_Crew_Only
- Added the new DLC Choppers
- Added a new OPTIONAL parameter to the IL_config at the end to be able to define which lights you would like to be able to change
- Removed HintC, now using systemChat messages
- Added IL_Loaded variable
- Minor code improvements

- Fixed error popping up when in a vehicle that is not listed in the array
- Added cockpit lights to all the transport/ammo/repair/fuel trucks for all factions

- Potential Fix for lights action name
- Added HAFM Helos
- Please also note wit HAFM Helo's, the UH-1H's front glass is really reflective of the interior light
- I think there was one more thing, can't remember

- Added option to allow for Green light if it was left on when light turned off
- Fixed bug that I can't remember
- Changed how the Change light action name is controlled, less buggy

- Added the ability to change colour of lighting interior (currently only RED/GREEN)
- Added a 4th option to the arrays (allow light change)
- Added new action to change the lights
- Added MRAPS
- Added Option to only allow Crew to change colour (IL_crew_Only)
- Added Civilian Vehicles (Includes FIA)

- Due to the new update you can only use to execute it nul = [] execVM "IntLight.sqf" in the init.sqf
- Removed restrictions so anyone in a vehicle can turn the light on and at any time
- Land vehicles will not have light protruding from them anymore Credit to Tajin

Update 4
- Added support for MH-47E and C17A3
- Hopefully have fixed #lightpoint not creating for everyone in multiplayer

Update 3
- On request I also added for lightpoint an option to make colours change every 0.1 seconds

Update 2
- Added option for Green Light (fullerpj request)
- Added Support for C-130J_base vehicles
- Only specific vehicles will now get the action
- Only between specfic times now you get the "Interior Light On"

update 1
- Added Support for APC's
- Added option for normal light when using light point

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- BI forums

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