Author: Igitur
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This allows the player to define new formations at will and on the move.

Date: 2017-12-03 13:17

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Custom formations system


This addon was initially designed to get round AI units unability to keep their formation while walking, safe, weapon lowered. I wanted something more realistic and immersive than the default Safe mode in that regard. Working on that, I came up with a system that happened to work in all combat modes, alllowing for a tactical use of the mod.

Keep in mind that v0.2 is barely more than a test version. It focuses on getting the maths right and has not been checked much further. You may experience issues or scripting errors, thank you for reporting them in this thread.

To install Custom Formations System you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Trigger the CFS interface at any time via the formations menu : 8-0. Many of the commands displayed are not available for the time being.
. Define : Select your units, place them wherever you want and define their new default positions. Modify and repeat as you like. Once defined, a unit can leave the new formation three ways :
- either via the regular 'Regroup' or 'Return to Formation' commands,
- or by being sent somewhere while your own unit is standing still. Sending a unit when your own character is moving changes the unit's position but does NOT make it leave the formation. For some reason, you can only send one unit at a time when moving if you want them to stay in the formation,
- or being ordered to do sth via the menus (engage, heal, etc..). Please use the keyboard instead of scrollwheel+action for those commands. I have not been able to access all of them in the config.
​. Regroup : Any previously defined unit can be called back to its latest defined formation.
. Adapt :This command has two purposes :
- switch units positions : select two units and Adapt to switch their positions.
- adapt to KIA : select one unit and Adapt to replace a fallen unit. Check the box 'Adapt automatically' to make the last unit of the formation automatically take the place of the most recent KIA.
​. HC : This command creates a new HC group made up of selected units. If you have my HCC mod enabled, you can take High Command control over this new group and call it back at will.
​. Mode : Positional : units do not adapt to the player's facing direction.
Directional : units adapt to the player's facing direction.
​. Sliders : The Amplitude, Rotation, Translation X and Y sliders are self explanatory. They allow you to change your current formation's parameters on the fly. You can reset or define each parameter individually by using the checkboxes left and right of each slider. Just define all new parameters at once with the general 'Define' button if you want to save your changes as the new default formation.
The 'Direction' slider enables you to define the default facing direction of each unit individually.
. Save As : This command is not working yet. It should enable you to give a title to your formation then save it in the presets.
. Datas : This command is not working yet. It should display your current formations significant datas and let you copy/paste them in a config file to make them available in the presets without having to redefine everything.
. Draw : This command is not working yet. It should enable you to draw formations on the map.
. Combat : This command is not working yet. It may open a CFS combat interface some day. However, I've had to create some sort of CFS Combat AI to let the units adapt their positions in combat. It's enabled by default but you can disable the function. Just uncheck the 'CFS Combat AI' checkbox on the right.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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1. You cant send several units simultaneously while moving. They will quit the system and stop.
2. Once in a while, a sent unit wouldn't comply. Repeat the order. I think this issue depends on how powerful and fast your processor is. Mine is pretty weak and slow. Feedback is welcome.
3. Defining new positions with 7+5 is a bit weird as for now since there is no #5 in the combat mode menu. I plan to add a new entry in the formations menu but still have to figure out how to do that. It will take time. Hints are welcome.
4. Units icons will display a 'wait' message when the mod is active. Changing that is definitely beyond my skills.
5. Units tend to get stuck in small buildings with no exit. Avoid them.

Version : 1.1
. Reworked the Adapt functionality;
. Swapping positions is now a separate function;
. Units should try and find safer positions in combat;
. Revised speed management;
. Fixed the Action key limitation;
. fixed a few more script errors.

Version : 1.0.01
Version : 1.0
. Fixed : CFS interface should now match with every UI size and screen resolution;
. Fixed : Heading reference got lost when switching back from positional to directional;
. Improved : Directional mode is now effective only when the player is moving;
. Improved : smoother behaviour when running;
. Added : CFS indicators to help visualize which units are processed by the mod.
. Added : a readme which you should read.

Version : 0.5
. Added : datas management system. Configure your addon once and for all (video 3),
. Added a few custom presets. They're designed for 12 units, but should work for less. Additional units will regroup in a regular Arma formation.
. Changed : I've disabled my crappy CFS Combat stuff that was conflicting with the AI combat routines. Everything is way more natural and efficient now (video 4).
. Fixed and improved a few more things here and there.

Version : 0.4
. Fixed : the mod got broken with the latest game update.
. Fixed : GUI overlap when using a small or very small game interface.
. Fixed : scripting errors when adding Zeus or HC units on the fly (using HCC).

1. Added : formation library system + defensive circle preset.
2. Fixed : action mouse button detection was broken due to BIS renaming the action name.
3. Changed : directional mode is now the default mode.

- Fixed : units were switching their positions when one of them got killed.
- Fixed : The mod was spamming the Action, Engage and GetIn menus. Using those menus (keyboard) should now let the unit return to its default formation and perform the action as intended.
- Using the sensitive cursor along with the action key (mouse button) when you're halted will always let the unit leave the mod and perform the action.
- Exception : you can now order one or several units to get in a vehicle with the cursor and mouse even when moving.

- Signed. This version should work in multiplayer.
- Code consolidation and cleanup.

- Community Base addons A3

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