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Version: 1.2

Short description: An Offshore Eco research Facility of the northern coast of Altis

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Date: 2014-05-04 06:10

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Icarus Solar Station


The Icarus Solar farm is part of the Agola Solar Corporation that manages the Wind and Solar plants on the island of Altis.
The facility is a research centre for the combination Wind, Solar and Hydro power energy. A small team of eight Scientist run the facility living there 365 days a year on a rotation basis.

- walkable gantrys
- Working security cameras
- Active Intel files
- Working Lights at night
- Submersible pool
- Lots of sneaky places to hide

Installation / Usage:
Drop the "Icarus" template folder into you profiles directory in My Documents to access it in the editor. Drop the demo mission .pbo file into you MP missions directory or your "Steam/Steam Apps/Common/Arma 3/MPMissions" folder.

You can pretty much go anywhere on the complex and using MCC you can effectively place AI inside the buildings, I have not tried placing waypoints for these AI yet though. AI Heli's in MCC will land on the heli pads when smoke is used. This is the only way I have tried this out at the moment, with success.

When playing the mission example, you can grab a hostage and place him in a heli, but, you have to get in aswell then get out and grab another. They will all stay in the heli until you tell them otherwise. When you want to defuse the bomb you need to find the code from around the complex, this code will appear for a brief time and only appear once. Get it wrong! Boom! Or, you can attempt to cut the wires!

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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The demo mission is still awaiting a slight update. This is going to be a heli extract from the rig, but the game will end once the OPFOR are all dead anyway. This is after all, a Demo to show you the facility.

I came up with the idea because I thought no one has "really" attempted it yet, except one other I have seen on youtube which is based on Oil production. This file has taken me a lot of man hours to create using the 2D editor, but it is worth it for the effect you get when you play on it. I could have used the 3d editor approach using one of the many methods available but found it too much of a ball ache to get setup. BIS really needs to sort out a user friendly 3d Editor and make sure to have the ability to rotate on a vertical axis.

I chose to use @ARP2 objects because there are some really effective items for scenario immersion. So you would need to have this as an additional Addon, it's only 28mb. Link is at the bottom.

Known issues:
= Moving the complex or rotating the complex you will find that the objects may displace and you would need to readjust the heights. The complex is placed in the sea where the seabed has no contours.

= There is a bug even on the main island when walking through the gantrys. If you decided to turn around you may glitch into the pipes and get stuck in a bouncing animation.
There is nothing I can do about this. A way to counter the effect is either rotate yourself, crouch or use the jump key. Sometimes using the Jump key you may fall off.

= If you place AI down you will need to make sure that they have the same height as the platform you are placing them on, same goes for any waypoints you are placing that are attached to them.
AI will walk through the buildings aswell, so make your paths go around them. Most of the platfroms are lined with Lamps or fences so you can use these for referencing the edges of the platforms.

= The Dome pool has an invisible floor. You can surface through it, but you cannot go back down into it. You are essentially able to walk on water when inside the building.

= changing the weather before mission start will alter object heights. you need to initialise the weather after you start the map/mission.

Future plans:
Update the Helo Extract from the complex.

Credits & Thanks:
First I'd like to credit and thank Keewa and thedog for their efforts in releasing the extra objects in the A3 editor.
Without that I would not have been able to create this facility.
Shadow_MSG for his HVT script
cobra4v320 and K0rd for the defuse the bomb script
[WD]Elvis for the UAV/Briefing template

  • removed objects not used anymore from the sqm. -cabuildings -CHF Merlin -Xmed Scripting -Kyo_mh47e
  • Demo mission fixed also and renamed as "icarus_solar_station.altis"

  • v1
    - first release

    Forums Topic:
    - BI forums
    - 3CommandoBrigade

    If you are downloading this as of today July 3rd 2014, I'd advise trying to get a hold of the previous version of ARP2 objects to open the template. I'm awaiting contact from theDog88 on the situation of the current version of it. It is throwing up errors and to help you get into the template asap, using the previous version is my only solution at the moment. It will take me quite awhile to update all the ARP objects atm.
    You can download the old version from here:


    - ARP2 Objects

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