Author: Shazer
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Requirements: Legacy of Cold War

Version: 0.8
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod provides a more realistic version of the PAK FA mainly in the sound and FM (flight model) department

Date: 2014-05-05 21:44

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PAK FA Enhancement mod


This mod takes the PAK FA from the wings of the east pack and adds new sounds, new warning sounds, and changes the flight model so its not a little toy plane that stalls like no tomorrow.
The planes new take off speed is about 160 and it doesn't turn as sharp (still turns sharper than the F-22). Also I removed the After burner and smoke functions as they were broken.
I'm still trying to fix the Afterburner as speed wise it needs it but will wait and see.

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Included files:

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While its not a bug per say be careful when you turn as it does turn pretty fast to where it could throw you into a stall.
Also speed is an issue it does take awhile to get up to speed so be patient.

Credits & Thanks:
Credit goes to mukcep for the PAK FA model, and VictorFarbau for the CAWS script.

- Public release

- Legacy of Cold War

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Tags: Cold War,   Flight Model,   Pak Fa,   Sounds