Author: The ADF Mod
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Requirements: ADF mod - HotFix 1, ADF mod - HotFix 2

Version: 2.0 beta
Signed: No

Short description: This is the second beta release by the ADF mod team.

Date: 2009-04-25 22:14

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ADF mod
The ADF Mod

This Mod contains updated versions of 1.0 beta and new addons added in. Released on 25 April
2009 (ANZAC Day).
There are some known bugs (listed below) which were unable to fix before
the release (wanted to have the release on ANZAC day).
Any comments/questions etc visit:

The ADF mod contains:
    - Infantry (AUSCAM and DESCAM
    - Landrover (Open and closed), SRPV, LRPV
    - ASLAV-25
    - M1A1 AIM (Desert and Auscam)
    - F-111C (Gray and camo)
    - ARH Tiger
    - MRH-90
    - S-70
    - CH-47D
As we always recommend use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Make sure that before installing this new version you uninstall any old version you might have!

Included files:

Known issues:
- No shadows for guns
- Some units are missing RVMAT's and/or damage textures.
- ARH Tiger glass turns blue when bined up (yet in unbined pbo its normal :S ), spent hours figuring out why but I've given up for today, anyone know how to fix it please contact me.


- Fixed bugs with below units, fixes include = infantry shadows, S-70 rotor blur, F-88A2
optic mount, ARH Tiger geomentry and damage textures.
- Added SRPV to replace the landrover (MG)
- Added LRPV
- Added auto opening doors onto S-70 and MRH-90
- Added retracting gears to MRH-90
- Added ASLAV
- Replaced M1A1 models
- Added SR-25

Added Infantry, basic weapons, landrovers, M1A1 (camo and desert), ARH Tiger, MRH-90,

- F-88's - [AIF]Wiggles and DrillSeageant for base model
- LAW - Reedwasere for the model, Sabre for the textures (only on the SRPV/LRPV models atm, will be weapons eventually)
- Carl Gustov - Reed for the model, Sabre for the textures
- SR-25 - BIS for models, Rico for modifying them etc
- Troops - Vix for the textures and Rico for mucking around with the BIS models
- Landrover's - TheSun, jagy for using and modifying their landrover pack
- M1A1's - Mateck for models, Rico for 'Auscam' and McNools for Descam.
- S-70 - Rico and DK for textures, Myke for showing me how to do the opening doors
- MRH-90 - AfrographX for model and textures, Rico for retracting gears and opening doors
- ARH Tiger - LoteKk for model and textures, Pafetik Bazerka for cleaning textures up, fixing geomentry, fixing destruction textures, and well anything else thats been fixed lol.
- ASLAV - FischKopp for model and base textures, Stu for converting over to ArmA, Rico for camoscheme
- F-111's - Skaircro for model and textures, Southy for converting it over, EddieD for upgrading textures
- CH-47D - AfrographX for model, Myke for conversion, [UNA]Luke for textures, Rico for auto reardoor

Thanks go to others that have helped with info or support, you know who you are!!

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- ADF mod - HotFix 1
- ADF mod - HotFix 2

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