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Requirements: ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment, Headless Client
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Version: AHC (Requires ALiVE and Headless Client)

Date: 2014-05-19 17:30

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[TMN] TMN Assaultis

TMN Fr33d0m

You are part of a NATO Recon Strike Force, sent to invade Altis in response to increasing tensions regarding Iran's presence and nuclear development projects on the island. Altis Defense Forces have been disbanded after IRAN's CSAT forces occupied the island in what amounted to a peaceful handover, with Altis's military forces essentially joining CSAT forces.

Together, Altis and CSAT have conspired to produce Nuclear Weapons materials in clear violation of NATO treaties, and have allowed their civilian population to suffer as a result. Most have totally abandoned the island, allowing the military activity to go on uninhibited as Iran uses the island a proxy territory to develop it's nuclear capabilities. Your main objective is to eliminate 12 CSAT officers in control of the operations on Altis, hereby dubbed the "12 monkeys". Their locations are unknown. Use all resources at your disposal to eliminate them and the threat they pose to the world.

  • =BTC= Logistics – By BTC Giallustio – Cargo Support
  • TMN Revive (BETA) by Fr33d0m – Fully customized revive / infirmary scripts
  • X_ReloadAIR (BETA) by Fr33d0m – Based off of Xeno's X_Reload, with chopper reload animation support!
  • TMN Economy (BETA) by Fr33d0m – Defense Budgeting System

  • Situation:
    2/16/2016: CNN reports tensions rising as Altis citizens plea for NATO assistance. Shocking footage of Iranian forces slaughtering Altians and destroying small villages sends shockwaves throughout the west. The United States acts, spearheading NATO sanctions that include starving Iran of crude oil profits while tapping Canadian crude oil reserves.

    5/19/2016: U.S. National Security Administration discovers another 16 Kg of Uranium-235 being smuggled out of Altis, an amount that concurs with an old Iraqi bomb design found by UN inspectors in the past. UN and NATO inspectors promptly arrive at Altis International Airport, and are refused access to Altian territory by Iranian forces, who use lethal force on inspectors while media cameras are rolling, further escalating worldwide tensions.

    12/28/2016: U.S president Gary Johnson makes good on his campaign promise and sends a large recon force of mixed agency U.S. forces to Altis, in the first of a long supply line of mainland forces to invade Altis, liberate the people from Iranian control and eliminate the group responsible for mining and manufacturing the Uraniuam-235 on Altis.

    A NATO Sanctioned Recon Group made up entirely of United States Armed Forces and U.S. Contracted Private Military Companies was dispatched up the Pyrgos Gulf on 1/19/2017. Col. Hardy, Col. Westin and Col. Davis progressed with a mixed unit Battalion sized force, invading the south eastern tip of the island first. The Speed and lack of forewarning given to the Iranians by NATO allowed for Col. Davis to quickly capture the dilapidated airfield in the southeast peninsula, by bringing his forces ashore from the east, and Col. Westin and Col. Hardy progressed on the west side of Col. Davis's peninsula, with Col. Hardy invading the city of Pyrgos and capturing a well fortified AAF Base (Now abandoned since AAF disbanded). Col. Hardy has re-appropriated the equipment and facilities and created Field HQ.

    Col. Westin and a small Private Military Force pushed West, across the Pyrgos Gulf, onto a small peninsula port just within striking distance of the AAC Airfield. This peninsula port proved to be a very important strategically asset, providing a fortified central location just outside of the EWRS bounds of enemy ground forces, but very inside strike distance for the entire island. Col. Hardy and Col. Davis were able to push reinforcements up the Pyrgos Gulf when CSAT forces made the Chalkela Bay too dangerous to reinforce from.

    Your forces have just arrived at Camp Salvage, and are operating with Col. Westin's forces. While your primary objective on this island is to find and eliminate the "12 monkeys", there are standing orders for all NATO personnel in the AO that must be carried out, mainly peacekeeping operations that involve demolitions of CSAT assets, eradication of occupying forces and the liberation of every village on Altis.

    Information & Directives:
    Map of Camp Salvage

    Defense Budget:
    The defense budget system is a rank and merit (rating) based community bank account with multiple-user withdrawal privileges. Lt. Mayes, the USDOD Budget Analyst for this operation, will report the current budget, the amount spent on the operation so far, your current rank and rating, and provide you with a means to purchase equipment for use on the battlefield. The equipment, aircraft and vehicles are priced approximately proportionate to real world counterpart values. Vehicles do not de-spawn and will remain where you leave them. They can be serviced and reloaded. The same applies to aircraft. It is wise to leave a leader in charge of big ticket items, such as aircraft and armor, as the budget can quickly deplete and leave your entire team scrounging even for small arms ammunition, much less a vehicle of any sort! You will notice right away that the first time you spawn in, and every time you respawn after that, you are unarmed. There is a limited supply of standard issue weapons and gear on base, which you may equip free of charge while it lasts. Alternatively, You may also speak to Lt. Mayes (use mouse wheel / action button on him) to obtain information on current defense budget status, purchase special small arms equipment via Virtual Ammo box System, helicopters, armor, vehicles, logistics supplies and more. For each major objective your side completes, the Department of Defense will allocate additional funds to your side's budget. Any player can purchase equipment from the community budget funds, and in order to be effective, all players must work together and stay in communication about what equipment gets purchased, how it is cared for and who controls it. Careful planning for each operation will be required, including what vehicles and assets will be deployed and precautionary measures to preserve them, as losses cost millions of dollars, and equipment in the game is priced accurately and equally to it's real-world counterpart. A very limited number of naval assets will respawn. Naval assets cannot be purchased.

    If your budget depletes, or for budget preservation and creating and excess, there's always scavenging! ALiVE settings allow for random supply and ammo crates to spawn around the map, so you can scavenge and horde to your hearts content! You can never have too small of a weapon or ammo stockpile!

    Purchasing Rights:
    Only ONE slot in the mission ( The Whiskey Papa Actual Field Commander) has the rank of MAJOR and thereby can purchase big ticket items like tanks and large helicopters. This slot is the very LAST slot in the role assignment list, FOR A REASON (so that people don't jump in the first slot they see, stealing the role of commander). Cheap and mid-priced equipment can be purchased by ANYONE with the rating points to do so. You gain rating points by killing enemies and completing objectives, you LOSE rating points with friendly fire, death and killing civilians. A TOO LOW rating score will result in the player not being able to buy ANYTHING. This ensures meritocracy in the ability to have to EARN it!

    At the beginning of the mission, each squadron will have a SGT as the leader. The SGT is the only rank that may access the Equip Soldier interface. As other players gain rating points, they can access the Equip Soldier interface without help, but the SGT is in charge of all equipment for low rating players.

    A small field hospital has been set up at Camp Salvage. You may receive treatment for your non-lethal wounds and injuries here. Simply walk up to a sleeping mat and select "Get Treatment" for medical staff assistance.

    Logistics, Respawn Packs and FOBs:
    The mission starts out with 3 mobile respawn packs located in camp salvage, which can be unpacked / packed and deployed as the center of a temporary FOB deployment. Assaultis is equipped with the =BTC= Logistics script, allowing a player to load various supplies such as ordinance, ammunition, sandbags and FAKs into a crate and subsequently load them into a vehicle for transport to a FOB location in the field.

    Throughout camp salvage, there are several "Vehicle Ammo" crates which are indestructible. Use caution, other crates can easily be destroyed, and you will lose everything inside it if is! These large, indestructible crates should hold plenty and are easily loadable into vehicles.

    The RAV Lifter Script also provides an additional element to the logistics model, offering the capability of moving heavy vehicles with helicopters, fast roping into AO's for perimeter security at FOB site and more! The possibilities are nearly limitless with the logistics element.

    Map of Col. Hardy's Field HQ

    Vehicle Maintenance:
    Col. Hardy's base is equipped to fully repair and reload all ground vehicles. Simply drive or cargo/fly vehicles to Col Hardy's base, and pull into the area with auto scraps (Obviously looks like a place to repair vehicles, enter the base and turn left).

    Helicopter Service:
    Col. Hardy's base is fully equipped with Rotary Wing Repair services. Fly to the helipad in the SE corner of Hardy's base, and wait for the men on the ground to direct you in. As you land, the crew members will rush to your craft and refresh it. You will be on your way momentarily.

    Supply Depot:
    A rather secure island fit for storing things you can't fit in your base. Just outside of enemy territory and offering a bottlenecking single bridge of access, the Supply Depot establishment is a solid, generally flat piece of land.

    Drone and UGV Support:
    A limited number of UGV's are available a Col. Hardy's base, and are a vital and highly valuable asset on the battlefield. They can be repaired, but once they are destroyed, they are gone! A UGV is a reliable, armed pack mule, providing extra gear, cover, and heavy cover fire to infantry units. Quad copter drones can be purchased via the Virtual Ammo box Load out.

    Logistics Boxes:
    Scattered throughout Camp Salvage are large, indestructible boxes that exist specifically for the purpose of loading stuff into the and hauling them to FOB points to deploy sandbags, ammo caches etc. These boxes are misleadingly labeled "Vehicle Ammo", but are empty and can hold quite a cargo. Load one up, put it in a truck using the BTC Cargo system and haul it into the battlefield for FOB deployments!

    TMN Medic Module:
    The TMN Medic Module is based off of the idea presented by Farooq's Revive 1.0, but written with updated practices, better animations, better MP support, MORE animations for wounded, cinematic presentation and a wounded crawl & painkiller mode.

    Death Animation: Instead of screen just going black, or a funky death animation, new death animations show your characters arms fly out as his back slams the ground with lighting speed! Definitely a more realistic death effect!

    Pain Animation: Character will begin writhing in pain on the ground. New animations with A3!

    Wounded Crawl: Select "Wounded Crawl" from the action menu and your character will enter a "Last Stand" state, where greatly hindered, prone, injured fighting is possible, and instant death, as well. If you have a FAK, it will cost you one. If you don't you may enter Wounded Crawl anyway without an FAK.

    Painkiller Mode: If the player has a FAK in his inventory while in WC mode, the player can heal his injuries partially and allow himself to get into the fight again for a limited time. The player must still seek medical care from a medical professional before the timer runs out, or he will bleed to death regardless of the healing provided by the FAK. This vaguely simulates the painkilling and absolutely dangerous narcotic effects of field morphine.

    FAK's are limited, restricted in VAS and you lose and FAK when you enter WC mode. FAK can only be found in the field and a limited supply at bases. If another player that isn't a medic heals wounded player with FAK while in WC mode, there is a chance that the FAK will not heal the player sufficiently to allow him to get up.

    Good Practices and Workarounds:
    Hey, what can I say. This is ARMA. There are going to be a few glitches and wonky things like floating vehicles, helicopters that won't land, occasionally disappearing gear and crates that rocket off into space like Apollo 11 or fall into the earth like the big phallic drill from "The Core". I wish I could fix it all, but alas, some of it is just out of my reach. Some of it may even be fixed in the future, as hotfixes and updates come along. Here are a few tips to make gameplay more enjoyable, make things a bit more realistic (in a way) and make gameplay more enjoyable (hopefully):

    VAS, Custom Weapons, Defense Budgets, Ammo and YOU!

    At 10k per load out, accessing VAS can get very expensive, very fast. The golden rule is to do your best to make sure you have your load out right the first time! Each time you open VAS, it subtracts 10k from the budget, no matter how long it's been since the last time you purchased. It's a good idea to already have your load out saved from other missions, so you can just click load and get out.

    Good practice for purchased equipement
    If you buy equipment from VAS, and you need to change your load out and drop another 10G, it's a good idea to drop all your current equipment in a crate for others to be able to access for free late before hitting VAS to change the load out again. Dump EVERYTHING, your weapons, items, map, compass, clothes, helmet....ALL OF IT in a crate. This way you have ample supplies for less money. Nothing wasted!

    Pass it to a homie:
    : As the SGT of a squad, you are the only player able to access the "Equip Soldier" option at the beginning of a mission. You may use the VAS interface to push loadouts to players near you, thereby allowing you to requisition equipment for your team. Take requests or assign weapons. The choice is yours.

    Gear Spending Modes:
    There are two ways to play this mission with regards to VAS access - one with persistent gear, and one with a new gear purchase EVERY time a player respawns.

  • Hardcore Mode: Gear Purchase Every Time
      Disable Load on Respawn in VAS settings and disable ALiVE Profile Load - Player respawns every time with no gear, and can retrieve his gear off his corpse for a limited time (10 mins after death), he can grab standard or stored gear, or pay the 10k out of the budget every time. This is good for making death hurt more, and making equipment retrieval after death a priority.

  • Casual Mode (I run this on my servers) Persistent Gear:
      Spend it once per load out! Once you have your load out, save your state using the ALiVE Action key -> Player Persistence -> Save Player Data. After that, each time you die and Respawn, you should have your same load out. This way, you really only have to spend the 10k when you want to CHANGE your load out, not each time you die and Respawn. For some reason, some people who save player state will Respawn with their gear automatically without having to reload player data. This is an ALiVE thing, and I have no idea why. VAS also seems to play a role in this...if you click load on Respawn it seems to work at least the first time after you die. After that, you start getting your clothes but no weapon. ***This is on the list of shit we need to ix in upcoming versions***

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    This mission is hosted on Medius Network ALiVE servers. Play it NOW and speak directly to the mode DEVs by filtering for "Medius" in multiplayer servers, and look for the server running TMN Assaultis!

    ***Headless client is required for ALiVE CQB to work, but the mission should run OK without it. You just wont have any CQB :-)

    Important note
    Once you equip a weapon that does not use standard ARMA 3 NATO ammo, for example, when I equip my HLC mod pack M-60E4, there is no non-admin way to get more ammo without opening VAS again. This means every time you need more ammo, it can end up costing 10k.

    Workaround: I use the debug console, and the string: cursorTarget addMagazineCargoGlobal ["your_Magazine_classname_here", 30]; on an ammobox. Voila, ammo for custom guns. Buy an ammocrate for $100.00 and add custom ammo for a less cheaty way to do it. ***This is on the list of shit we need to fix in upcoming versions***

    - ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment
    - Headless Client

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