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KoffeinFlummi from the BWMod Team released an updated version of the Authentic Gameplay Modification on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The team that brought you the BWMod is now working on a modular, open-source realism/authenticism mod for Arma 3. This project originally started as a fork of TMR, but since evolved into something bigger, with only a few parts still taken from Taosensai's work.

    The AGM mod tries to achieve the maximum amount of authenticity possible in Arma 3 without sacrificing playability. The mod is modular, so you can disable features that you don't want or are incompatible with other mods. All the code is open-source, so everyone can contribute, or fork this repo and customize it to their own needs.

    You installed AGM, but you have no idea how it works, or where to start? Get started here.

    • Fixed: Broken hitpoints for VA people in v1.40
    • Fixed: Disable Team-Management module did not disable join group
    • Fixed: Holstering a weapon in a FFV seat would make you stand up
    • Fixed: Inheritance issues with v1.40
    • Fixed: Kick option in Check PBOs module broken
    • Fixed: Low resolution when using Vector with mils
    • Fixed: Undefined variable in Vector function
    • Fixed: Unnecessary setVariable calls in diagnosis
    • Fixed: Version number check didn't account for patch versions
    • Fixed: Weapon IK in combat pace

Written on 2015-03-08 19:53 by KoffeinFlummi  

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