Weapon recoil camera shake mod by Sakura_Chan
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Sakura_Chan released an updated version of his Weapon recoil camera shake mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I never liked the guns in Arma because they just didn't feel powerful when you fired them. There was recoil, but only the gun moved and it felt like you were a statue with a bobbing gun attached to it. I used some code in the ammo class to give each weapon some camera shake when fired. The effect helps create the sense of distortion you get when firing large or high rate of fire weapons. The effect doesn't affect the actual aiming, recoil or dispersion of the weapon, it is just a visual effect. The effect is also based on your stance, so standing, crouching and going prone have dramatic effects on the amount of camera shake.

    My other gripe against the Arma guns is that they all felt like the same gun. Each type of gun has a different effect based on the type of bullet and weapon.
    This just uses config changes, so no scripting is involved. Only covers guns, i never changed the launchers or grenade launchers yet.

    • Increased pistol shake
    • Reduced sway in launcher aiming
    • Reduced launcher to rifle switching time, they seemed slow compared to everything else.

Written on 2014-06-16 11:15 by Sakura_Chan  

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