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Requirements: No addons required

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This chinook pack will aim to release a large variant of chinooks and give you the option to play with logistical, troop transport and attack versions.

Date: 2015-05-25 08:44

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Chinook Pack


This is my first mod release for ArmA 3 so lets get going :D the chinook pack will aim to release a large variant of chinooks and give you the option to play with logistical, troop transport and attack versions. Fractions that will get these helicopters will be NATO and civilian for now. I will include a "whats planned" section below to show you what I aim to add to the game and what type of chinook I will be releasing.

This pack includes:
1- CH47F (With fixed ramp gunner and side gunners)
2- CH47F (With working ramp, side gunners and walk-able interior)
3- CH47F (With working ramp, walk-able interior and unarmed)
4- CH47F HC4 (With fixed ramp gunner and side gunners)
5- CH47F DESERT (With Desert/Olive Camo, fixed ramp gunner and side gunners)

Troop capacity of 35 players
Changeable Camouflages
Static Line Parachute drops
Deployable Medical Stretchers
Usable Co-Pilot FLIR Pod
Changeable Multi-Function Displays
Working Crew Positions
Hide-able Components
Removable Cargo Hatch
Removable Pilot doors
Open-able Crew Door
Ability to add decals
Ability to Raise, Lower and Level rear ramp
Pilots and Co-Pilots can drop smoke from cockpit
Different variants of each Helicopter
ACE3 and AGM Support
AGM fastrope support
Vanilla Sling Loading compatibility
Vanilla Virtual Garage compatibility
Vanilla Firing From Vehicles compatibility

To use these features please download LIFTER for ArmA 3 By RAV_RAVEN:
- Logistical features
- Fastrope

To install the Chinook Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

2- RAMP_CH_47F
5- CH_47FBAF_Ramp
6- CH_47FBAF_Unarmed

To make the rear ramp on the "Ramp" and "Unarmed" versions spawn down/open use this:
this animate ["Ramp", 1];
If you want to see the chinooks in the zeus module make sure when you synchronize your unit to a game master module double click the module to open more options then under default addons select "all addons (Including unofficial ones)"

Unbinarized version:
Version 1.0 that was released unbinarized will be free for anyone to use at their own will with their mod packs etc, however future versions that get released will be binarized and will not be allowed in another mod.
Download version 1.6.1 Unbinarized from here:

If anyone has any suggestions to what I can add then feel free to mention them Also if there are any bugs please let me know so I can fix them.

Future plans:
Holo Optics for M134 Guns
Smoke Drop ability for M240 Rear Gunner
Possibly adding the ability to walk around the interior whilst flying
Gunship version (Still unsure about this)

If anyone has any suggestions to what I can add then feel free to mention them below, also if there are any bugs please let me know so I can fix them. If you wish to use this then feel free to do so just make sure it is only version 1.0 and give credit to everyone involved! V1.0 will be released unbinarized so anyone can use it for what they want to do with it! If anyone has any questions about using V1.0 to release with another mod then PM me. That's all.

Known issues:
Hiddenselections need to be added to the following parts of the BAF models:
-BAF Countermeasure Equipment
-Front Aerials

Need to look at redoing the UV map for the Winch
American Chinooks needs an overhaul
Bone/points rpt errors with the models

Credits & Thanks:

Thanks to everyone above they have helped me out a lot!
Also please let me know if I forgot to credit you.


For special license agreements contact me personally through pm.

Dev Note:
Please respect my wishes and always contact me before you use this mods sources in your own personal modification.
Always credit everyone involved/listed in the credits of this mod when you are editing and re-releasing this mod.
Refrain from posting any unofficial downloads on this thread. All releases here will be authored by myself.
And finally if you have any questions feel free to message me on the forums or post here.

- Changed parachute inheritance to parachuteBase
- Adjusted backpack spawn position when deployed

Changed parachute inheritance to parachuteBase
Re-positioned bag when deployed

Fixed some rpt errors
Removed unnecessary files

- Static Parachute jumps
- Removes duplicates and unnecessary files
- Enhanced features for transporting
- New Textures
- Major bug fixes

- Added Removable Cockpit doors
- Added ability for Pilot/Co-Pilot to drop smoke from cockpit
- Added openable Cargo hole (Hell hatch)
- Added Deployable stretchers
- Changed Pilot/Co-pilot Animations
- Readded 5x Lods
- Minor bug fixes
- Added slingload camera (Multi-functional Camera)
- Added exhaust to the engines
- Fixed Collision lights
- Fixed Spotlight
- Added Interior lighting via collision lights
**These are mainly changes for the BAF Unarmed model

- Possibly fixed Rotor breaking issue with FFV position
- Added Compartment switching again
- Correct version set

- Fixed Gunner Animations
- Removed Compartment changing (MP Issues)
- Added Ramp Crew for the BAF Ramp Version
- Changed getin points for Winch Crew and Crew Chief - Check Crew Door (BAF Unarmed Version)
- Slight model adjustments
- Added the ability to 'Level Ramp'

(These are mainly changes for the BAF Unarmed model)
- Added a Rescue Winch/Hoist
- Moved Crew Chief to the Inside (next to the left window)
- Added Ramp Crew position on the Ramp (Formerly Crew Chief)
- Added Winch Crew position next to the right crew door (This postion exits on the right side)
- Added 3x AGM Fastroping points, 2x Rope on the rear and 1x rope on the Winch
- Added 2x Stretchers (Currently Folded away, Expect use soon)
- Added Folding Seating used via the Crew Chief position (This locks the Bench Seats)
- Added Open-able Right crew door
- Added FLIR Camera
- Added Toggleable PiP MFDS for Pilot & Co-Pilot linked with the FLIR camera

- Changed BAF Unarmed model, can now hold 35 soldiers
- Added Crew Chief on the ramp of the BAF Unarmed model
- Added AGM Fastroping

- Changed body size of the Ramp and Unarmed Version
- Added Sling Loading
- Added Firing From Vehicles on all versions
- Background Bugs now fixed (RTP stuff)
- Vehicles are renamed
- Desert version removed for now, it will be added again
- Added British Ramped and Unarmed version

- Fixed some minor problems
- Added zeus compatibility

- Removed ramp passenger
- Added Olive/Desert
- Changed Bikey
- Changed Bisign

- Fixed Sliding issue
- changed flying mechanics
- HC4 now has external HD textures

- Improved File structure
- Added British version (CH47F HC4)
- Fixed some more bugs
- Added Chinook Pack in editor section under Nato

- Fixed CH47F (Ramp Gun) Animations
- Fixed Seating Error

- Fixed seating issue (Ramp Gun)
- Fixed collision lights (Ramp Gun)
- Fixed Spotlight (Ramp Gun)

- first release

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums
- Steam forums

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