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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.73

Date: 2020-04-18 11:12

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Wolfpack Vol. 2


Wolfpack is a multiplayer (15 slots) special operations campaign consisting of ten challenging assault, demolition and reconnaissance missions and three bootcamp training missions.

You can check the first part in this page: Wolfpack Vol. 1 (@)

June 2034, Altis is in turmoil. The island has been cut off from the outside world due to economical and physical blockades. The local populous has grown impatient with the government and the AFF in particular. Several demonstrations have resulted in the deaths of tens of civilians.

The government was losing control rapidly and called in the help of CSAT. A mistake that would cost them dearly. CSAT saw a golden opportunity to get a much needed foothold in the Mediterranean area. The AAF requested a single battalion of CSAT Infantry. Instead CSAT send the entire 2nd brigade and soon CSAT outnumbers AAF by 11:1. Altis government realized that they lost control completely and stepped down. CSAT General Tehrani has since been in power and controls all of Altis and Stratis.

CSAT is now proven a serious threat to the European region. As diplomatic efforts have not lead to the anticipated result, NATO decided to send a rapid task force to free both islands from CSAT oppression.
DEVGRU has been ordered by J.S.O.C. to take out several high value threads on Altis before the NATO campaign commences. Wolf has been tasked with executing 10 missions over a period of 3-4 weeks. Your first mission commences 11 June.

  • 10 SpecOp/Recon Missions;
  • 3 Bootcamp training missions;
  • 1 Warmup Mission for warming up, modline testing and general training (11 tasks/objectives)
  • Challenging and immersive gameplay in a lively area of operations;
  • Detailed SpecOp style briefings (ingame and PDF/TXT for forum briefings);
  • Optimized for dedicated server play;
  • Challenging opponents.
  • Automatic detection of ACRE(2)/TFAR, cTab and ACE3 addons

  • Mission content:
  • Day 06 - Riga Hill: Intel shows a large AA-emplacement at a base west of Zoros Bay (codename 'Istanbul'). which gets its intel from a radar site a little north east (codename 'Barcelona'). Your orders are to insert west of Zoros Bay and take out the radar installation at Barcelona and the AA-emplacements at Istanbul.

  • Day 07 - U-12: Our man on the ground, Nikkos got captured by CSAT Intelligence Services. Nikkos knows too much about the upcoming campaign. We need to break him out before they fly him back to the CSAT capital.
    Nikkos is currently being held in a secret prison codenamed 'U-12'. It is located in Thelos Bay on the east coast of Altis. Wolf is to secure and retrieve Nikkos Fotopoulos.

  • Day 08 - Ice Tiger: The last two weeks, SatNav has been tracking a heavy armored squadron consisting of 6 T100 MBT's, 1 x Tigris and APC's plus supporting units. SatNav lost Ice Tiger due to severe overcast weather. According to Nikkos, Ice Tiger should be in the North Western part of Altis. We need confirmation on its exact location. Your orders are to locate Ice Tiger.

  • Day 09 - Dragonfly: Two days ago the 127 Republican Wing Squadron, an elite squadron of TO-199 bombers touched down at Stratis Airbase. The 13th MEU is scheduled to assault Stratis in three days. This can only happen when those TO-199's have been disposed off. We'll advise objectives and targets when you're on the ground.

  • Day 10 - Doberman: Your last mission is a high risk mission in Kavala. We are still gathering intel. We'll brief you when you're oscar mike.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Both the Wolfpack website and Github repo are NO LONGER maintained

    In the archive you’ll find a 'Wolfpack_readMe.pdf' document with mission information, client/server information, training information, etc.

    Recommended addons:
    - Advanced Combat Radio Environment (A.C.R.E.) or Task Force Arrowhead Radio
    - Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
    - Commanders Tablet (cTab)

    - Fixed: Invulnerable vehicle gunners.
    - Updated: Performance improvements.
    - Updated: Applied ADF 2.22 framework.

    - Updated: Reverted all AI skill to default skill.
    - Updated: Most mission scripts for further performance improvement.
    - Updated: Applied ADF 2.20 framework.

    - Updated: Player loadout; Added support for RHS/CUP/NIArms. See Wolfpack_Readme.pdf for more information.
    - Updated: Full seperation mission logic from framework.
    - Updated: Wolfpack_Readme.pdf ReadMe document.
    - Updated: Applied ADF 2.16 framework.

    - Added: Mod compatibility (RHS/Project Opfor/3CB Factions/CUP/CFP) for wolf & opfor. See readme.
    - Added: Ambient animals
    - Fixed/removed: Legacy code.
    - Fixed: Player can no longer swap places with AI vehicle crew during exfil.
    - Updated: Spawn on demand. Now via framework function.
    - Updated: Dynamic civilians - uses mods if available (RHS/PO/Factions/CUP/CFP)
    - Updated: Helicopter infil day 2, 6, 8
    - Updated: Wolfpack_Vol_1&2.pdf ReadMe document.
    - Updated: Applied ADF 2.14 framework.

    - Added: improved support for local hosted sessions.
    - Fixed/removed: Legacy code.
    - Fixed: briefing day's 6, 7, 8.
    - Updated: mission balancer to support 1-2 players.
    - Updated: mission exfil changed to actual heli/boat departures.
    - Updated: fire missions day 2, 3.
    - Updated: Language, typos.
    - Updated: Briefings (JIP info).
    - Updated: Applied ADF 2.10 framework.

    Updated: Most mission systems and triggers
    Updated: Attempt to fix patch/insignia and texture issues
    Updated: Applied ARMA 3 Encore update.
    Updated: Applied ADF 2.09 framework.

    - Fixed: Mission params options
    - Fixed: initPlayerServer bug caused players to be stuck at the spawn island
    - Updated: Applied ADF 2.05 framework.

    - Fixed: Mission Objective Test Scripts (mots.sqf) timings fixed
    - Added: Mission Balancer. Less players = less enemies and .v.v. Can be configured in mission params
    - Updated: Language, typos.
    - Updated: Applied ADF 2.04 framework.

    1.65 is a major update. All missions have been updated. Changes:
    - Fixed: Various minor script issues.
    - Fixed: Mission Objective Test Scripts (mots.sqf) fixed and updated.
    - Fixed: Wolf loadout now correctly synchronized across the network.
    - Added: Teleport flag pole at spawn location.
    - Updated: Mission files updated in line with 3Den.
    - Updated: Code base. Completely re-written in line with ARMA 1.80.
    - Updated: Further multiplayer optimization.
    - Updated: Mission balance in most missions.
    - Updated: Applied ADF 2.02 framework.

  • Fixed: Map ID checks removed.
  • Fixed: Warmup mission objective success markers.
  • Added: Additional debug and performance reporting. HC's report individually (RPT).
  • Updated: code base. Completely re-written in line with Nexus 1.54 update.
  • Updated: Applied ADF 1.42 framework.
  • Updated: code base CBA dependencies removed.
  • Updated: (Advanced) ACE3 settings removed. Missions now use server settings.
  • Updated: Briefings.
  • Updated: Wolfpack website:

  • Credits & thanks:
    Concept & Development: whiztler

    This MP campaign was carefully put together with the assistance, support and scripts from the following individuals/groups:
    the Nopryl community ( / Killzone Kid / ?Mad T / Rakowozz / Shuko / Naught / Iceman77 / Larrow / Anjan Riot / Kylania / Void / Zealot

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    - BI forums

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