R3F AiComTarget by ~R3F~ Mapoule
Editing and Scripts

~R3F~ Mapoule released an updated version of his R3F AiComTarget script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Light, Simple but Rough!
    Improve AI's behaviour, fighting skill and player d├ętection
    The Team R3F witch have done the R3F Weapons Pack release here a powerfull Addon.

    "Improving AI behaviour on ArmA serie is a never-ending quest. We early noticed a "lack of communication" between ArmA3's AI in combat zone.
    To correct this, {R3F} Mapoule release here a script R3F_AiComTarget which has been specialy developed for multiplayer mod.
    It has been tested 24/7 on a multiplayer server with Domination on and also on private edited operation, by daytime and night time.
    You'll notice an impressive result : Alerted AI will never leave you any rest, and you'll survive only with a clean coop gameplay, with proper weapons, or with good fall-back uses." {R3F} Killjo

    • addon version
    • full single player compatibility

Written on 2014-06-28 13:12 by mapoule  

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