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Requirements: NIArms Core, Community Base Addons

Version: 2.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The G3's got a long history, the original design concepts originating in the Mauser factories at the end of WW2.

Date: 2019-05-02 09:17

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NIArms G3 Rifles


The G3's got a long history, the original design concepts originating in the Mauser factories at the end of WW2. The designers moved to spain to work on the design, ultimately producing the CETME Modelo 5, and ultimately moving back to work with H&K once the bar on arms manufacturing in Gemany lifted.

Contained within, you'll find 8 variants to the pattern, ranging from the absurdly short MC51 to the refined hair-splitting precision of the PSG1, as well as two platform-specific optical sights, and a suppressor dedicated to the platform. Additionally, magazines and supply crate provided for quick access.

To install the NIArms G3 Rifles you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage and information instructionss of how to use HLC G3 please refer to the included documentation.

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Credits & Thanks:
Bohema Interactive – Arma2 Sample resources(Meshes, Sounds, RVMATs, Textures), some script lines.
Thanez – SG550 Stock Textures (PSG1A1)
Twinke Masta – SG550 Stock Mesh (PSG1A1)
PAC – G3SG1 base MLOD
Millennia – G3SG1 Textures
Krycek – G3A3 Widegrip mesh and testures
Zulmargera87 – G3 Rail interface Mesh and textures
Pete – G3A3 furniture mesh and textures, Suppressor Mesh
Acid_snake– Suppressor Textures
Soul_Slayer– HK53 Mesh
HeNe – Textures
Tigg – M203 Mesh and textures
Toadie – Scripting, configs, all LODs bar primary MLODs, Sounds, Material Ports, Animation, Texture Edits
Spartan0536 – Ballistics

- Implemented XML Stringtables
- Japanese Language String Translation (Credit: ClassicArma)
- French Language String Translation (Credit: StalkerSoC)
- New Sounds implemented (Credit: Navarro)
- Implemented MagzineWells, Compatible with JAM
- Replaced M203 and Quadrant sight on GL Variants with M203-2003 and NICO ladder sight.
- Implemented RHS Grip support to Applicable weapons
- Implemented Magazine Proxies
- Implemented Charms

- Corrected typo in HLC_Rifle_g3ka4_GL- Now has inertia a tenth of what it was, inline with the rest of the rifles.
- Corrected hiddenselection values in HLC_Rifle_g3ka4_GL

- Soundshader Volume Relevelling
- Weapons use new Muzzleflashes.
- Weapon inventory icons now use New system
- all mass values recalculated to unified standard.
- New G3A3, G3SG1,PSG1, HK33, and HK51 meshes provided by Krycek
- New Audio by Navaro
- HK33 rifles now have dedicated reload animation.
- Zeiss Diavari-DA reticles now correctly proportioned and scaled.
- New optics- Hensoldt ZF model 1 (and 2D version),Kahles ZF95,Leupold M3A

- Support to magswitch function on all Weapons
- Soundshader/Soundset changes:
+ Occlusion and Obstruction issues fixed (Gunshots no longer occluded by an A4 sheet held to face)
+ Midrange Gunshots tweaked
+ Tail volumes improved
+ Minor sound volume tweaks across the board
- General AI Behaviour improvements.

- G3 config trimming/fixup (Credit: Robalo)
- G3 weaponholders (Credit: Robalo)
- Added "mm" suffix to HK33 magazaine displayshort strings
- Hiddenselections added to all weapons. See respective classes/P3Ds for specifics
- M203 moved to hlc_rifle_g3_base
- GL adjustments corrected
- Ironsight picture cleared up on all respective sights
- Now accepts forward attachments :
+ added

- Whitespacing formatting conformed (Credit: YoursTruly)
- JR attachment slots cleanup(Credit: Robalo)
- Fixed: ItemInfo and WeaponsSlotsInfo errors (credit YoursTruly)
- Magazine external dependencies fix- dependency on hlc_wp_Aug fromaved from magazines
- Added IRDIM Tracer Magazines
- Soundshader alterations- brought closerange gunshot audio down to more comparable audble ranges to default/Laxemann ranges (less over-range/clipping)
- HK33 tracer mags now have tracers.
- Resolved #1 - G3SG1 now uses correct zoom values (therefore everything inherited off it)
- Added opticparam to G3 Optics (Credit Robalo)

- Conformed mod icons,mod.cpp to rebranding
- Soundshaders implemented, minor discretionary sound tweaks
- Arsenal Icons implemented
- Grenade sight accuracy improved(all). Should hit more or less Bang on for respective zeroings.
- Removed redundant inventory slots. Adheres the CBA/ASDG standard almost entirely.
- Optional RHS and CUP compatibility patches updated to reflect most current versions respectively
- General Material changes. RVMAT Fresnels altered for better effect, less dependency on generic maps.
- PSG1 and HK53/HK51 character animations redone. One to exist, one to not be terrible anymore.
- Added:

- magazineReloadSwitchPhase added to G3 base class
- made Supplybox "Zeus Discoverable"
- Added Zeus spawnable individual weapons.
- adjustment to the gunshot tails volume, should be less overt.
- shader and material adjustment, slight increases in specularity.
- HK51 and 53 Rear aperture replaced with G3 Aperture.
- ShadowLOD mesh optimisations (all)
- moved deploypivot for all weapons without bipods to under the magazine (because muh gameplays)
- RHS Compatibility
- ACE3 Compatibility (HuntIR rounds specifically)
- CUP Compatibility
(RHS and CUP Compat may or may not work together,depending on your mod setup. Source provided if you wish to build your own)

- Slight hand positioning adjustments, less clipping, more dreams.
- All G3s support ASDG_Jointrails-enabled muzzle devices.
- Added ACE3 Ballistic Data(Credit- Ruthberg)
- Added Unique Meshes to magazines (excpetion being X-91- No mesh yet)

- Added G3A3 with M1913 Optics mount
- Shortened G3KA4 Barrels
- Corrected RVMAT/Textures for g3ka4 GL

- Added Aim-over-the-top back up sights mode to - AN/PVS4
- Altered Inheritance of suppressors.
- Added Mk.316 and Barrier Ball Magazines to G3 Rifles

- Added support to Bipod support for AGM
- Added Bipod Support for CSE
- Added support for Advanced Ballistics mod (by, and with values provided by, Ruthberg, BIG thanks to you for that, mate)
- Altered Inheritance of suppressors.
- Hitboxes and related GeometryLOD materials updated on all weapons
- Adjusted Mass and inertia values- all weapons should noew be closer to their approximate real-life weights.

- Added: AN-PVS4 4x Night Optic
- Added: hlc_20rnd_762x51_S_G3 - 7.62x51mm Subonic magazine
- Supressors no longer dampen round ballistics or damage
- Added UI Icon for X-91 magazine
- Altered G3A3/G3KA4 handanim[], shuld now properly grip the weapons
- RVMAT Specular/gloss values altered
- All G3 weapons now slightly less accurate in the hands of AI

- fix for the new Bootcamp update

- first release

- NIArms Core
- Community Base Addons

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