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Requirements: NIArms Core, Community Base Addons

Version: 2.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: So the M14 is the big F-You to FN Herstal and the FAL. At it's core, it's more or less just an Auto-fire capable M1 Garand that feeds from external mags instead of en-block clips, for better or worse.

Date: 2019-05-02 09:52

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NIArms M14 Rifles


So the M14 is the big F-You to FN Herstal and the FAL. At it's core, it's more or less just an Auto-fire capable M1 Garand that feeds from external mags instead of en-block clips, for better or worse. of the "Big 3" .308 battle rifles of the era, the M14 is the most cumbersome, but like it's parent design, is a nail-driver. It was so good at it that it well outlived it's immediate successor (the orginal M16) in US Armed force usage. The latest iteration, the Mk14 EBR/M39 EMR platforms though, likely signals the end of it's life, as the adoption of those was primarily decided due to an abundance of mothballed M14s and a distinct lack of 7.62 NATO effectiveness in the current arid conflicts, and M110s and Mk11s were in short supply.

To install the NIArms M14 Rifles you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage and information instructionss of how to use HLC M14 please refer to the included documentation.

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Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive – Arma2 Sample resources(Meshes, Sounds, RVMATs, Textures), some script lines. (M14DMR,Bipod, LR/T)
An_aggressive_napkin – M14 mesh
Millenia – M14 Textures
Millenia – AR-TEL Mesh and textures
General Tso,Twinke Masta Johan Santana, Jihad – M14SOPMOD Mesh
Twinke Masta Johan Santana,Pete, Thanez – M14SOPMOD textures, Suppressor Mesh
Toadie – Scripting, configs, all LODs bar primary MLODs, Sounds, Material Ports, Texture Edits
Vunsunta– Sounds
Clifton Vlodhammer – Animation
Spartan0536 – Ballistics

- Implemented XML Stringtables
- Japanese Language String Translation (Credit: ClassicArma)
- French Language String Translation (Credit: StalkerSoC)
- Implemented MagzineWells, Compatible with JAM
- Implemented RHS Grip support to Applicable weapons
- Implemented Magazine Proxies
- Implemented Charms
- Corrected minor sight alignment issue with M14s
- Added additonal X14 magazines

- All instances fo the Harris Bipods replaces with newer Assets
- LR/T scope replaced with M3A.
- Where applicable replaced BIS default scope mount with Brookefield (mesh by pete, tex by Millennia ... 10+years ago)
- AR-TEL scoep reticles refactored and are 100% accurate to real life scale and function (if you want the rangefinder deets, go google them)
- Soundshader Volume Relevelling
- Weapons use new Muzzleflashes.
- Weapon inventory icons now use New system
- all mass values recalculated to unified standard.
- added ZF95 and VOMZ dedicated M14 scopes

- Support to magswitch function on all Weapons
- Soundshader/Soundset changes:
+ Occlusion and Obstruction issues fixed (Gunshots no longer occluded by an A4 sheet held to face)
+ Midrange Gunshots tweaked
+ Tail volumes improved
+ Minor sound volume tweaks across the board
- General AI Behaviour improvements.

JR tweaks & cleanups for M14 pack (Credit: Robalo)
Add opticType param to M14 optics (Credit: Robalo)
Add M14 weaponholders(Credit: Robalo)
- Sound Volume tweaks on M14 soundshaders
- Material fresnel adjustments
- Added hidden selections to all models (see classes for more details)
- hlc_optic_LRT_m14 now defaults 500m zero (was 200)
- displaynames truncated - now use generic adoption models instead of Manufacturers
- Inertia,dexterity and dispersion variances implemented
- Added:
hlc_rifle_M21_Rail (M21 with scope rail)
hlc_rifle_M14dmr_Rail (M14DMR with scope rail)
hlc_rifle_M14_Bipod_Rail (M14 with scope rail,bipod)
- Added Additional weaponholders
- Revamped Soundshader Samples (Credit: navaro)
M14-PVS4 config correction (#51) -M14 was referencing pvs4-daysight located in hlc_wp_g3 instead of mesh
located in hlc_wp_m14, creating uneccessary dependacy. (Credit: bryan.boru)

- Whitespacing formatting conformed (Credit: YoursTruly)
- JR attachment slots cleanup(Credit: Robalo)
- Fixed: ItemInfo and WeaponsSlotsInfo errors (credit YoursTruly)
- Magazine external dependencies fix- dependency on hlc_wp_Aug removed from magazines
- Added IRDIM Tracer Magazines
- Soundshader alterations- brought closerange gunshot audio down to more comparable audble ranges to default/Laxemann ranges (less over-range/clipping)
- audible distance of reload defined.
- Sound Overhaul (Credit- Navaro)

- Added : M14 with Bipod
- magazineReloadSwitchPhase added to M14 base class
- made Supplybox "Zeus Discoverable"
- Added Zeus spawnable individual weapons.
- adjustment to the gunshot tails volume, should be less overt.
- Removed camera/aperture adjustment with zero, causes all scopes to zero incorrectly.
- LR/T Reticle corrected, Zoom levels fixed.
- Sound tweaks
- Dryfire made audible
- shader and material adjustment, slight increases in specularity.
- ShadowLOD mesh optimisations (all)
- moved deploypivot for all weapons without bipods to under the magazine (because muh gameplays)
- RHS Compatibility
- ACE3 Compatibility (HuntIR rounds specifically)
- CUP Compatibility
(RHS and CUP Compat may or may not work together,depending on your mod setup. Source provided if you wish to build your own)

- All G3s support ASDG_Jointrails-enabled muzzle devices.
- Added ACE3 Ballistic Data(Credit- Ruthberg)
- Added Unique Meshes to magazines (excpetion being X-14- No mesh yet)

- All weapons made compatible with V1.42 engine update (deploy pivot points added, make limited use of new "tails" sound system where possible)
- Bipod functionality enabled - M21,M14DMR
- Attachable bipod functionality added to - Troy M14 SOPMOD

- Bugfix: LR/T Scope AOTT mode now actually aims over top
- Added : M1913 compatible M14

- Added Aim-over-the-top and day/night filter modes to PVS4
- Added mk316 and Barrier Ball magazine loads for M14
- Altered Inheritance of suppressors.

- Added support to Bipod support for AGM
- Added Bipod Support for CSE
- Added support for Advanced Ballistics mod (by, and with values provided by, Ruthberg, BIG thanks to you for that, mate)
- slight adjustments to overall AI accuracy (should no longer be able to use the M14/M14 SOPMOD with pinpoint accuracy in full auto)
- Altered Inheritance of suppressors.
- Altered AR-TEL Function - To change zoom/zero you now switch optic mode (default Keypad /). This is in an effort to replicate the real-life function of the scope, where Zoom and Zero move in linked fashion, Vertical marks represent 30 inches at 300m, horizontal are 60.

- M14 Suppressor No longer dampens ballistics or damage
- Added: hlc_20Rnd_762x51_S_M14 Subsonic magazine
- Most RVMATs specular value decresed slightly
- Added New Icon for X-14 magazine
- Added: AN/PVS4 4x Night Optic for M14s

- fix for the new Bootcamp update

- first release

- NIArms Core
- Community Base Addons

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