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Feint informed us he released version 2.1 of his Paddle Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod modifies most boats by giving them a killswitch for the engine and the ability to paddle the boat around silently. You can also use ropes with the boats for landmarking while swimming and as an anchor. The Zodiac-style boats receive improved maneuverability and engine power. You can also bury or camouflage the Zodiacs using bushes found nearby as well as use the ropes of the Zodiacs for towing.

    • Added: A shovel to all of the rubber boats
    • Added: Ability to bury the rubber boats (and dig them up with a shovel in your hands)
    • Fixed: Killswitch method changed so AI no longer jump out of boat when killswitch enabled
    • Added: Killswitch to many other boats
    • Added: Anchor for many other boats (rope length based on z height beneath boat) -- this actually stops your boat from drifting away
    • Added: Support for MkV SOC boat (paddling, killswitch, anchor)
    • Fixed: CBA Keys again
    • Added: My URL to config entry
    • Changed: mod.cpp to new method with mouseover effects in game
    • Changed: Converted Keys to new CBA Keys methodology
    • Changed: Only CRRC drivers can now throw ropes
    • Added: Preview pictures to plants and rope back in Eden Editor

Written on 2017-03-20 09:45 by Armaholic  

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