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Version: 0.9.2 beta

Short description: The Dynamic Settings UI is great for any mission maker who wants users to have personal options while playing.

Date: 2014-07-17 09:05

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Dynamic Settings UI


The Dynamic Settings UI is designed as a script module, so it may easily be placed in a vanilla mission. Once in the mission, you may add to its settings list. Upon activating the "Settings" action in game, the UI will pop up with all the settings you added and allow you to change them. Changing them and saving will simply change the global variable you named in the settings list; it will take on the value you selected and saved!

The Dynamic Settings UI is great for any mission maker who wants users to have personal options while playing. More importantly, any vanilla mission with this included will stay vanilla!.

Installation / Usage:
This can be used in Arma 2 and Arma 3!

1. Locate where your mission folders are stored
2. For Arma 3, put this in your missions init.sqf file (or anywhere that initializes before you use global variables):
call compile preProcessFile "DYNAMIC_SETTINGS\InitDynamicSettingsArma3.sqf";
Or in Arma 2:
call compile preProcessFile "DYNAMIC_SETTINGS\InitDynamicSettingsArma2.sqf";
3. For Arma 3, Put this in your mission description.ext file:
#include "DYNAMIC_SETTINGS\DynamicSettingsArma3.hpp"
Or in Arma 2:
#include "DYNAMIC_SETTINGS\DynamicSettingsArma2.hpp"
4. Put the DYNAMIC_SETTINGS script folder directly in the mission folder (root folder)
5. Add settings to "DYNAMIC_SETTINGS\DynamicSettingsList.sqf" file array (similar to a config file)

6. Add condition code to "DYNAMIC_SETTINGS\ActionCondition.sqf" and put boolean result in return variable
7. Activate the settings UI by calling DynamicSettings_ActivateSettingsGUI as a function or "DYNAMIC_SETTINGS\GUI_SCRIPTS\ActivateSettingsGUI.sqf" as a script

Credits & Thanks:

- Fixed rpt error when compiling (more like warning)
- Fixed more dialog errors for arma 3 (hopefully!)
- New color scheme and slightly different layout
- New optional "on new saved value" event for settings (runs when new value is saved to the setting variable)

- Fixed some dialog warnings and errors for arma3
- Added InitDynamicSettingsArma2.sqf and InitDynamicSettingsArma3.sqf scripts for initializing in separate game versions. (improves security)
- Added DynamicSettingsArma2.hpp and DynamicSettingsArma3.hpp files for separate game versions when including in description.ext. (fixes bugs)
- scripts get compiled using compileFinal when using the new Arma 3 versions

v0.9.0 beta
- first public release

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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