Author: DasCleverle
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 2.0.0

Short description: loadUGV is a script which allows you to load ammo boxes into a ugv drone (e. g. Crusher)

Date: 2014-08-11 22:03

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LoadUGV allows you to load a variety of different boxes into an unmanned ground vehicle, e. g. the Crusher.

Load boxes into the drone, transport them and unload them at your destination.

  1. Download the file from below
  2. Unzip the archive with an archiving program such as WinRar, 7zip or use the Windows built-in program
  3. Put the file "loadUGV.sqf" into your missions folder under "C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YOUR PROFILE NAME\missions\YOUR MISSION NAME\" (Windows 7)
  4. In the ArmA 3 mission editor place an UGV drone and add to its INITIALIZATION field the line "0 = [this] execVM "loadUGV.sqf"
  5. Finished! The script should work now

Included files:

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Old Versions:

Credits & Thanks:
[W] JeremiahRose and Igi - Igi's script IgiLoad and Gruppe W's orientation on advanced logistics gave me the motivation to write this script
[W] Leon for teaching me how to use modelToWorld
[W] Fett Li for helping me a lot, with the multiplayer compatibility

- improved multiplayer compatibility
- added CBA as dependency

- added ability to load boxes "Box_NATO_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_East_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_IND_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_NATO_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_East_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_IND_WpsSpecial_F" into the drones

- removed issue of boxes placed not properly when unloaded

- initial release
- added ability to load boxes "Box_NATO_Wps_F", "Box_East_Wps_F", "Box_IND_Wps_F", Box_NATO_Ammo_F", "Box_East_Ammo_F", "Box_IND_Ammo_F", "Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_East_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_IND_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_NATO_Grenades_F", "Box_East_Grenades_F", "Box_IND_Grenades_F", "Box_NATO_Support_F", "Box_East_Support_F", "Box_IND_Support_F" into vehicles "B_UGV_01_F", "O_UGV_01_F", "I_UGV_01_F"

- Community Base addons A3

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Tags: Drone,   Logistics,   Stomper,   Ugv