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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.2

Short description: This script will allow you to have a unit patrol a house, randomly.

Date: 2014-06-30 16:33

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Random House Patrol Script

Tophe of Östgöta Ops

This script will allow you to have a unit patrol a house, randomly.

All you need to do is to run the script on a unit and place it close to a building. The script will then check how many available positions there are in the closest building, place the unit randomly at one and have it patrol the building.

Every time the unit reaches it's waypoint inside the house it will stay and wait for a short while before moving to the next point. The amount of time the uniy waits is random. So you'll never really know how long the unit will stand still.

It works in Multiplayer as well as Singleplayer.

Place unit close to a house and set init field to:
guard = [this] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf" 

Optional Settings:
guard = [this, MODE, STAND TIME, EXCLUDED POS, STARTING POS, DEBUG] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"

  • BEHAVIOUR - set unit behaviour.
    guard = [this,"COMBAT"] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"

    Default: SAFE

  • STAND TIME - Set maximum amount of seconds the unit will wait before moving to next waypoint.
    guard = [this,"SAFE",50] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"

    Options: Any value in seconds. 0 = continuous patrol.
    Default: 30

  • EXCLUDED POSITIONS - exclude certain building positions from patrol route.
    guard = [this,"SAFE",30, [5,4]] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"

    Options: Array of building positions
    Default: [] (no excluded positions)

  • STARTING POS - Some building positions doesn't work well will the setPos command.
    Here you may add a custom starting pos. Negative number means starting pos will be randomized.
    guard = [this,"SAFE",30, [5,4], 2] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"

    Options: Any available building position
    Default: -1 (random)

  • STANCE - Tell the unit what stance to use.
    To keep the unit from going prone you can set this to MIDDLE or UP.
    AUTO will be the standard behaviour and unit will crawl around in combat mode.
    HIGH is the default mode. This is like AUTO but prone position is excluded.
    guard = [this,"SAFE",30, [5,4], 2, "UP"] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"

    Default: HIGH

  • DEBUG - Use markers and chatlog for mission design debugging.
    guard = [this,"SAFE",30, [], -1, true] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"

    Options: true/false
    Default: false

  • Added stance option
  • Behaviour and stance settings are case insensitive ( SAFE, Safe SaFe are all the same)

  • v2.1
  • Fixed debugging bug (sic)
  • If bulding has no building positions the script will now exit
  • If the building only has one position, the unit will be positioned there, then the script exits.

  • v2.0
  • Reworked for Arma 3
  • Optimized the code for better performance.
  • Added option for mission debugging
  • Added option for excluding positions from route
  • Added option for setting starting position

  • v1.1
  • Optimized the code for better performance.
  • Added a workaround for a game bug where some buildings are missing data.

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