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Zorrobyte submitted an updated version of his ZBE Caching addon and script which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This caching script enablesimulation false & hideobject true all AI units but Team Leaders if players are not within X distance OR enemy AI units are not within X distance. Also empty vehicles are enablesimulation false if no unit near (including AI) allowing the mission dev to spawn thousands of vehicles with minimal server/client FPS drop.

    I was toying with an ambient vehicle spawn script and found empty vehicles still simulated Physx on all clients and killed framerate when spawning 100s/1000s of vehicles. Also, AI caching greatly improves server performance in Co-Op if mission is heavy on AI.

    • Caches AI, all but teamleader so group still moves (tested: 25%+ FPS gain DUWS)
    • Caches empty vehicles (tested: 2385 vehicles 4 FPS no cache, 49 FPS cache)
    • Uncaches AI for players and other enemy AI groups
    • Compatible with virtually every addon and script (including HETMAN/HAL, bCombat, ASR_AI)
    • Per group/vehicle FSM which is performance friendly and fast
    • Enable/Disable caching for a specific group at anytime
    • Cached AI units in group are setPOS(moved) to TL's position so they can still receive damage from artillery, bombs, etc
    • Units that die while cached are uncached and removed from the caching loop
    • If the group leader dies while group is cached, the next group leader is uncached
    • Cached empty vehicles can still receive damage and display damage/explosions
    • Option to prevent AI from uncaching if FPS lower then set
    • Useful RPT/hintSilent debug option

    • Improved performance of sleep state condition to minimize operations per frame

Written on 2015-02-11 12:30 by zorrobyte  

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