Playing DeathMatch, playing Co-op and many more video's...
We can nearly keep up with the ammount of information being released about Armed Assault.


Shadak woodfight
Size : 27.8 Mb
Source : BI forums

Shadak swimming
Size : 7.97 Mb
Source : BI forums

Shadak tankdriver
Size : 19.4 Mb
Source : BI forums

Water fun
Size : 13.4 Mb
Source : BI forums

Download from our video section.
At the moment I am trying to get my hands on 2 other videos aswell, but those are downloading very slow.

Sniperfans flying
Size : 3.44 Mb
Source : Sniperfans

Controlling 134 AI
Size : 23.6 Mb
Source :

ArmA blur
Size : 6.50 Mb
Source :

Attacking a small convoy
Size : 3.26 Mb
Source :

Playing Co-op
Size : 118 Mb
Source :

Playing DeathMatch
Size : 91.3 Mb
Source :
You can download all those 6 movies from our video section.
But you can also view them streaming:

Make sure to check our complete streaming video section aswell, there are 50 videos available already which you can all watch while you download them!

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Written on 2006-11-19 00:52 by Foxhound  

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