Week Report #9 addition
Work in progress

* Iraq Modern Warfare Mod (IMWM)
    ProPilot-IMWmod- informed us a while back about the status of the IMWM mod but due to website related problems for the IMWM mod we couldn't fit this in our weekly wip report. So we decided to post this now.

    We focus on the preservation of life so you will have reprucutions for
    shooting civilians. That is one thing we are working on. There are 2 maps
    in the making. We can't go into much detail at the time but Opteryx has
    been working really hard on one of them. And reblman has been working on
    the second.

    4-iwm_arma_2.jpg 4-iwm_arma_5.jpg 4-iwm_arma_6.jpg 4-iwm_arma_1.jpg
    4-iwm_m1a1-abrams-1.jpg 4-iwm_stryker-with-slat-armor-1.jpg 4-iwm_up-armored-humvee-with-tire-backend.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - IMW mod website

Written on 2008-01-01 13:38 by Foxhound  

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